Good leg workouts

Exercises for training the legs

Exercises for buttocks

  • Deadlifts
  • Bending forward with a barbell
  • Lunges

Exercises quadriceps (front thigh)

Quadriceps femoris extends the leg at the knee joint and is located on the front of the thigh. Involved in all exercises where there is increased extension of the knee. Exercises for quadriceps are listed in order of effectiveness.

  • Squats
  • Leg press
  • Leg press squats
  • Extension in the simulator
  • Lunges

Exercises for the hamstrings (rear thigh)

The biceps are located on the back of the thigh and are involved in flexion of the knee. Exercises are listed in order of decreasing efficiency.

  • Bending the legs in the simulator
  • Hyperextension
  • Deadlifts with a barbell on straight legs
  • Lunges - minor impact

Exercises on calf (lower leg)

  • Lifting on socks standing
  • Lifting on socks "donkey"


The list of exercises for legs include only the most effective movements that maximally stimulate muscle growth. So as not to cause embarrassment on the part of the reader, at least effective exercises are not given.

The complex of exercises in a week

The complex of exercises in a week

Preserve not to lose.

1 week of workouts without fanaticism (stretched after birth, the belly can be turned into a flat stomach, and flabby legs-inflated)

  • lower abs 3 sets of 10 times
  • upper press 3 sets of 10 times
  • squats 3 sets of 10 times (one of them with the weight I squat with a child on the neck-10 kg)
  • stand on the blades 1 min
  • pressed from the prone position 2 sets of 15 times
  • lunges 2 sets of 8 times
  • wrap 3-5 minutes a day
  • bridge (30 sec-1 min)
  • supine exercise scissors (1-1,5 min.)
  • -bike lying on the back (head should be on weight and not on the floor)
  • lying on your side lift both legs simultaneously (5-8 times on each side)
  • exercise the cat with the bench press (focus on elbows)
  • jump rope 50-70 jumps
  • running in place as high as possible lifting your leg to the stomach
  • All exercises do in the morning, 30 minutes after drinking a glass of water with lemon. Breakfast an hour after workout.

On the night:

  • lower abs 10 times
  • upper press 10 times
  • relaxation of the back muscles on the ball with dots

To do 6 days — 7th day off.

Belly left-formed oblique muscles. Stretch marks after childbirth no. The thighs and calves becomes uprose, not the formation of cellulite. The chest also becomes more elastic.

Tessa Barresi 17 year old natural female bodybuilder

Tessa Barresi 17 year old natural female bodybuilder

Most muscular 17 years old girl Tessa Barresi with 14" biceps - New Talents of Female Bodybuilding.

Jennifer Proietti

Young fitness girl Jennifer Proietti

Young fitness girl Jennifer Proietti flexing biceps and abs

Young Italian Girl With Amazing Abs

10 variants of fasting days

10 variants of fasting days


1.5 kg of fresh fruit (anything but bananas) divide into 5-6 receptions and eat. Not on the schedule, and at the request of))


This fasting day is very popular because it is effective, easily tolerated and normalizes bowel function. During the day you can drink 1.5 liters of yogurt.


During the day you can eat 1.5 kg of raw or baked savoury apples.

4. Cucumber

Again 1.5 kg of cucumbers divide by 5 receptions. You can season the cucumbers with greens.

5. Protein

During the day you can eat low-fat meat and fish products, vegetable proteins (like beans). To protein foods you can add for variety some fresh vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers,greens. You can lightly salt. You can eat every 4-5 hours.

6. Rice

150 g brown rice to cook without salt and divide into 3 portions.Rice is a little salt or add a pinch of cinnamon.During the day you can eat another Apple, sweet pepper, carrots.

7. Egg and cheese

For Breakfast a Cup of black coffee with or without sugar, 100 g of cheese. Lunch: stakana with or without sugar, two eggs in the nads. For supper tea, 200 grams of cheese.

8. Milk

6 times a day every 2 hours to drink 100 ml of milk. At night to drink 200 g fruit juice with sugar.

9. The buckwheat and kefir

Buy a liter of one percent yogurt. In the evening soak in boiling water 200-250 grams of buckwheat. Note: without the salt, fat and spices!!! Wrapped in warm clothes and let it stands until the morning. You can eat 250 g of buckwheat (weight before cooking) 3-5 techniques with 1% kefir. All the yogurt you can drink a liter.

10. Carrot-beet-egg

You can eat 300 g carrots, 300 g of beet, and 2 eggs. Carrots grate on a fine grater and season with 1 tbsp oil. Boil the beets, grate and season with 1 tbsp oil. The eggs are just cooked. Eat it all in 5 receptions.

I want to be slim! Efficient power system

I want to be slim! Efficient power system

If your desire to be slim all as great, read this article which will introduce you with a special power system!

As soon as I woke up - drink 2 glasses of warm water on an empty stomach. Those who have no stomach issues, add the juice of half a lemon, so even better.

Learn how you can quickly bring the figure in order!

Breakfast (8-9 a.m.)

20 minutes after eating 2 cups of water. While eating can not drink, to wash down a meal is impossible, only 20 minutes before or two hours after.

Oatmeal, cooked with water (steamed), chopped walnuts (3 or 6 walnut halves)

4 tablespoons of oatmeal mixed with nuts, pour boiling water so that the water completely covered the oatmeal, but does not rise above its level. Sacrifies cover. After 10-15 minutes, open water should be fully absorbed, add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, a tablespoon of liquid honey and a little lemon juice. All carefully mix, useful porridge is ready. All that is necessary for the beauty of hair, nails and skin. Plus very tasty. Accustom themselves to such a Breakfast, it takes a little time, hearty and nutritious.

After Breakfast 2 hours do not eat or drink.

Snack (10-11 hours)

Drink two glasses of water, wait 20 minutes.

After you eat an Apple, preferably green, low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

After a snack do not drink for two hours.

Lunch (12-13 hours)

Drink two glasses of water, Wait 20 minutes.

For lunch, you can afford the carbs, but only complex. For example: pasta from durum wheat in tomato sauce. Buckwheat with soy sauce. Chicken or Turkey with brown rice.Oven baked vegetables.

Look at your taste, I fried. Salt is undesirable, or at a minimum, and ready meals.

After dinner do not drink or eat for 2 hours.

Afternoon tea (14-15 hours)

Drink two glasses of water,wait 20 minutes.

Prepare baked apples, this is a very tasty and healthy. Cut green Apple in half, cut out the core, sprinkle the halves with cinnamon. At the bottom of the pan pour a little water, put half of the Apple, and put the baking sheet in a preheated 200 degree oven for 15 minutes. After sprinkle the apples with chopped nuts and fields of honey (optional). There are hot.

Do not drink for two hours.

Dinner (17-18 hours)

2 cups of water, wait 20 minutes.

For dinner need some protein, if you're not very hungry, let it be cottage cheese or scrambled egg whites, if you want something more serious, make a chicken or Turkey with vegetables in the oven or steamed.

After dinner, at 19 o'clock, the perfect time for sports. Gym, running, walking, strength training, cardio what you used to do. Drink plenty of water during workouts, but remember that after 20 hours the water do not drink - there will be swelling.

After you returned from the training, drink a glass of yogurt, brush teeth, and go about their business. The body will not require food, but if you want something to chew on, it is emotional hunger and not give in to temptation.



1. 100 g of grapefruit satisfy the adult daily requirement of human vitamin C 59% in potassium – 9% magnesium – 3% calcium – 2%.

2. Grapefruit contains antioxidants, which reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. One grapefruit a day will help people suffering from cardiovascular disease, normalize cholesterol levels and thus avoid a serious risk factor. Scientists concluded that the grapefruit with red flesh contain much more antioxidants than fruits "white" varieties.

3.Grapefruit reduces insulin requirements for people with diabetes, as the consumption of this fruit contributes to lowering the level of blood sugar.

4. Grapefruit is used as an effective tool in the fight against obesity. Thanks naringin, which in large quantities contained in the film enveloping the lobules, and, of course, and the pulp, these fruits help flush excess fluid from the body, promote cleansing of toxins, burn fats.

5. Grapefruit helps in the fight against gum disease, reducing their krovotochivost.

6. Grapefruit seeds have antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

7. Grapefruit oil perfectly disinfects and tones the skin, regulates fat balance. Grapefruit aroma gives you confidence and it awakens creativity.


The periodization of the training process

Fitness training program,

The periodization of the training process as the implementation of the principle of cyclicity is a prerequisite of duration and continuity of the positive changes that need to be achieved as a result of joint activities of the client and his personal trainer. With the necessity of applying this method will inevitably face every personal trainer working with his client for quite a long time. The gradual and simultaneous increase in volume and intensity of training load, the potential at the initial stage of this cooperation becomes impossible when the client goes into the category "advanced", his training begin to differ quite a heavy load, but the quality and function, as the load on the workouts, slowing down in its development. Further development, as indicated in the section "Principles of training", is provided by periodic changes in the nature of the load, in which, according to the principle of specificity will be ensured the consistent development of different features or structures that are specific to a specific load. In front of the coach the task is to choose from the variety of training tools and methods those that will lead to the development of functions and structures that provide the greatest contribution to the solution of common problems, problem-max. In the practice of sports, where a high level athlete is the cumulative result of the development of a very large number of skills and abilities, the question of the choice of training methods and tools and their correct combination, very complex.

In practice, the fitness training range of tasks that have to solve a personal coach and a range of tools and techniques for solving them can be quite wide.

Consider the example, when the client puts before you the task-high, associated with increasing muscle mass. Let's try to analyze how you can break it up into smaller tasks.

body motivational

We know that to increase muscle mass by training is due to the following factors: an increase in the level of capillarization, the number and size of mitochondria, increase sarcoplasm, thickness and number of myofibrils, increase in glycogen stores.

In addition to these, there are factors indirectly related to muscle gain, but acting on it actively. For example, adaptation to training aimed at developing endurance, expressed in the development of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the mitochondrial apparatus and, consequently, improvement of the mechanism of resynthesis of ATP due to oxidation, significantly reduce the recovery period and synthesis of protein structures after high-intensity resistance training. Because oxidation plays a leading role in providing energy to energy consuming synthetic processes initiated by these exercises.

The development of the above mentioned factors that determine muscle size, will be the result of different adaptation processes, which, in turn, will be initiated by the different nature of the load training effects. Devoting mesocycles pre-emptive solving of various tasks and has continually alternating, it is possible to provide a sufficiently long and continuous progress in achieving goals - high.

Currently, in practice, fitness training, periodista training program, mainly use two techniques:

Currently, in practice, fitness training, periodista training program, mainly use two techniques

The first technique involves a succession of training programmes that shape and clear boundaries of beginning and end of the training on these programs. Each such program having a constant corresponding to the current functional condition of the client the value of the load, differs from the others mainly by its volume and intensity. The duration of each mesocycle, during which your client is engaged in the same program and, consequently, affects the compliance with this program system your body usually is two to four months. At the end of each mesocycle week break follows, during which the client performs only aerobic workout a small volume and a low level of intensity. The objective of these periods of physical and mental recovery of the body, "the self-treatment of minor wounds, muscle and connective tissue.
Dynamics of load change within a single mesocycle might look quite diverse. The most common variant - a linear increase in load that occurs mainly due to the increase in weight weights. The athlete tries to put into practice the principle of overload, trying every workout to increase the weight of the weights. In this case, as rightly pointed out in his book "Think" Stuart Mac Robert, is not so much the speed of weight gain weights, how much the very existence of this progression. Therefore, it seems reasonable, when approaching its genetically specified limit in the development of power abilities to use for the additional weight of the barbell or dumbbell discs as little as possible weight (so-called "roznowski"). The volume load with this method organisation of training sessions in one mesocycle usually do not change.

A more efficient scheme in which, in one mesocycle, the dynamics of change of load has a wave shape, rising in the early and mid-cycle, leaving the peak level in the second half and coming down to the end of the cycle. In this case, we avoid the state of stress of a sharp reduction or increase of loads. The form of such wave-like changes of load can be both smooth, with a gradual diminution or reduction, and the speed at which a change of the load of microcycles with different sizes. In the second case, the microcycle can vary from one to three weeks and wear a retractor, a base, drums or the nature of the recovery. It should be noted that during shock microcycle can be observed as a boost in leading functions (in the background, however, the accumulating fatigue of the organism as a whole), and its decrease in the result of training sessions in a state of nedoustanovlennoy. This state for a limited period of time permissible, however, after the shock microcycle, should always follow the recovery microcycle, the reduced level of activity during which will get rid of these negative factors.

the background of training in the next training program

Sometimes organize the training process so that, on the background of training in the next training program, leave the training impact factor, dominant in the previous exercise, keeping a minimum load level required to maintain it. If it was a factor, developing high-intensity loads, the level of training influences is reduced, increasing the rest period between them. If it was a factor, developing high-volume low-intensity loads, the level of training influences reduce, reducing their volume.

Sarah Stage mom fitness model

Sarah Stage is one of those many fitness bloggers

Sarah Stage is one of those many fitness bloggers who share their "healthy" lifestyle and sports exercise videos on their Instagram accounts. The young woman, 33 years old, has some success, since it is followed by more than 2 million subscribers.

She is currently waiting for her second child, and has shared some pictures of her pregnancy on her account. As she has a particularly muscular body, her belly has not flared much. She's still pregnant for six months. During her previous pregnancy, in 2015, she had already published photos of the evolution of her body, always as toned, in order to share her happiness, and had been criticized, the Internet users wondering about the state of health of the baby.

Sarah Stage mom fitness model

Your body is a powerful machine, but you must feed it with a powerful mind

No ‘secret’ or ‘magic’ pill will ever supplement work ethic and dedication. “It’s easy for them” “they just have great genetics” “it’s their fast metabolize” “they probably don’t even have to do cardio” “naturally fit” “drugssss”... and the list goes on🀷🏼‍♀️. People will always point fingers at someone rather than applying themselves to achieve their goals. It’s easy to do that. We all want to think that there is an easier way to achieve our goals, but the truth is, there’s no easy route. Heck, if it were easy, everyone would have what they want.

That is why you must remain focused on YOU. You are never going to have that girls/guys body, so there is no reason to compare. We can all improve.

For instance, We can improve the shape of our bodies by building muscle, however we will never be able to change the shape of our muscles (this is determined by our genetic muscle makeup, therefore it cannot be changed).

At the end of the day, we can only be the best version of ourselves. We will never be that person, even if they are so “goallssss” or “perfect” , BUT we do have an advantage. We have the opportunity to work hard towards our goals to be OUR own best, everyday! So before you “perfect” someone else, know that they are not perfect. We all have our flaws. Even as deceiving as ig can be, we all have projects that we need to work on, and that is okay! Everything takes time, and that’s the best part... the journey! Once we reach one goal, we enhance that goal, improve it, make it bigger/better, and move on to the next. There is no limit! We are all a work in progress and we are all capable of reaching our goals... and that’s what makes lifestyle so much more fun and rewarding! πŸ˜…πŸ™πŸΌ

KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete - PASSION

KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete - PASSION

Someone asked me yesterday how I connected what I’m passionate about. It caught me off guard because I always knew how to identify passion when I feel it, but didn’t really have an easy answer as for how to go looking for it in your life if you’re feeling void of passion. I thought more about it came up with this:

KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete

For me, had to stop making myself wrong for NOT feeling passion towards the certain things that i thought i *should*, or maybe have out grown or whatever, and start really listening to my mind when it wanders to different topics that truly interest me...and actually give myself permission to explore those things, regardless of what it might look like on the outside. For instance,What did I find myself interested in reading about? What content fills my Instagram feed? What quotes got me feeling inspired? Which authors do I love to read? What is that one thing I’m always looking forward to doing on the weekends or when I get home from work? What do I find myself wanting to tell my friends about? I asked myself countless questions to really get to the bottom of knowing myself better, inside and out.

KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete

The thoughts that come to our minds day after day day aren’t distractions. Just because you can’t see a clear cut path to making them a reality does not discount their importance to your life. They aren’t just minor musings or just thoughts floating by like clouds in your mind. They are gentle reminders of who you are, and what you’d naturally excel at, when you’re ready.

KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete

Pay attention to where your mind goes when the rest of your life is quiet. That is your passion. And once you find it, work tirelessly to defend its place in your life and start saying YES to the opportunities that arise surrounding the things you’re passionate about.