Ariana James Colombian beauty

Ariana James Colombian beauty

A new model of Fitness that comes to our section of pivones Fitness! Ariana james . It might not be very well known at least in Spain , although this girl in colombia has thousands of followers and it is normal because with his physical worked impresses anyone who see their photos.

This girl was Born in Venezuela , but moved to Colombia to comerzar with his career in the first time as a normal Model . For a while she was into modeling and I leave to continue with their studies of social communicator.

Little by little he saw that it felt very comfortable in the world of Fitness and started his career of model fitness representing several brands of supplementing, and sportswear. With a face angelic and a physical worked at the Gym day-to-day this model has thousands of fans on instagram , and this extends to USING that is where it handles the large companies.

With a physical spectacular and 1.64 cm tall , added as not a big eyes verdi-blue this girl is beginning to sweep the modeling fitness ! From Fitnessrevista we wish you lots of luck , although with this body does not make or missing and fixed that it becomes a new ambassador model fitness international.

Three secrets have led to the success to this girl fitness : Discipline , good nutrition and hard work them at the gym. Here I leave a video where you can see the training of this beauty of Glutes and abs in the gym. And remember to pass by our section of pivones of the fitness room where you can see the best and most famous women in the world of the irons that raise passions by their physical spectacular and its beauty, and that is that the world of fitness is a healthy lifestyle.

Mysterious fitness model from Russia Nadiya Mol Supposedly demonstrated incredible shapes and talked about their successes in sports

Mysterious model from Russia Nadiya Mol Supposedly demonstrated incredible shapes and talked about their successes in sports

The girl with a spectacular figure named Nadiya Mol, better known online as Nadiya Mol, very little talking about himself, but what words, when the sight of such a figure? It is known that Nadiya lives in Moscow, is fond of yoga, fitness, wanted to stay and works as a model, taking part not only in the sports photo shoots, but presenting quite the naughty pictures.

Although, personal photos Nadiya Mol is no worse than professional.

Nadiya admits that her figure is the result of prolonged exercise. "What determines the results in the sport? I think genetics (40%), coach (20%), will power/motivation (20%), nutrition (20%)... Agree?".

Michelle Janine

Michelle Janine a professional dancer, fitness model, sponsored athlete, and trainer/instructor,

Michelle Janine is a professional dancer, fitness model, sponsored athlete, and trainer/instructor, currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

Michelle grew up north of Boston, where she started dancing at the age of 3! She knew that she wanted to pursue a career in dance, and attended The University of Arizona to gain greater training.

After graduating a year early and receiving her BFA in Dance, she moved to L.A, and found a love for fitness.  It has truly become a lifestlye for Michelle, and she enjoys being able to combine and share both of her loves for dance and fitness with others,

Michelle follows her "Meraki" mantra, where she believes in doing everything with creativity, love and passion; when you put all of yourself into what you do, whatever that may be.  Her passion and positive outlook on life has definitely helped her to not only advance within her career, but allows her to really connect with others in helping them to achieve their own goals.

Rachel Dillon wbff pro: Fitter, Stronger and Healthier!

Rachel Dillon wbff pro Fitter, Stronger and Healthier!

Fitness was first my hobby and then became my passion. Then that passion became an addiction! As I gained fitness and nutrition qualifications in the industry, I was able to begin to share my knowledge with girls just like yourself, so that you don’t have to make the same MISTAKES as I did!

Coming out of high school and into my early adulthood years, I was your typical cardio fanatic, doing hours and hours on end. I also restricted my eating to a low level, which I now realize could have been detrimental to my metabolism, nutritional intake and overall health and well-being. It wasn’t long after I began to research, that I found how wrong I was in my approach to training and nutrition.

It wasn’t long before my body began to transform before my eyes, giving me all of the results that I had been trying to achieve from cardio for years in a matter of months! I spent more and more time studying the theoretical and physical aspects of training and nutrition. Shocked to find out how important nutrition actually is! As I started changing the way I ate, the real magic began to happen!

I was beginning to build muscle and shred fat; and guess what? I was eating more food than I ever had before! Not only that, but my energy levels were naturally soaring!

I started setting myself little goals in and out of the gym, and I was smashing them! Gaining confidence with everything I did, I had now proven to myself that anything I put my mind to was achievable!

I specialise in high intensity functional training. I believe short HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions incorporating weights are the key to shaping and shredding a female’s body. It helps us build nice lean muscle whilst shedding fat. With the workouts I provide you are in and out of the gym from anywhere between 20-40 minutes, but NO LONGER! The sessions are fast, fun and EXTREMELY effective.

I believe with nutrition, the key is BALANCE. You need to have a flexible, maintainable nutrition guide to follow. Therefore I have produced a guide which offers a way of eating that is a lifestyle rather than a diet. Eat healthy, fuel your body with the right foods and maintain a lean physique all year round.

I may be a little different to other trainers you have come across in my approach to helping my clients. To me it isn’t about getting my girls a quick fix, or having them on calorie deficient diets so they can lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. If that is what you are looking for then maybe my site and what I have to offer isn’t for you. What I offer is a lifestyle change. I am confident, with the knowledge you will gain after using my programs, you will then be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round.

Rachel Dillon wbff pro

Rachel Dillon wbff pro

Rachel Dillon wbff pro: Fitter, Stronger and Healthier!

Rachel Dillon wbff pro

Rachel Dillon wbff pro

Rachel Dillon wbff pro

Rachel Dillon wbff pro

Rachel Dillon wbff pro

Rachel Dillon wbff pro: Fitter, Stronger and Healthier!

Sofia Russian fitness model

Sofia Russian fitness model

Sofia Official: In any unclear situation... swing press😅 and right now I'm not kidding) sometimes for no reason, no reason at all can start to download the press. When there is nothing to do when you feel no remorse after something that's bad or Vice versa, when I know I will "to sin"))) And be sure to offer to push press near/provided , because together more fun 😅 and you should see what I come up with sets for yourself and a loved one, when we train together )) I may not look like a tyrant, but if I were coach, I would have no Skive and all of the cubes out)) by the way, who wanted my sets on the press? Put "+"

Diana Volkova – Russian star fitness bikini

Diana Volkova – Russian star fitness bikini

Charming brunette Diana Volkova is only 22, but she already has many sports awards and is the top Russian athlete in the category of fitness-bikini. The growth of girls is around 167 cm, competitive weight is 58-60 kg. Previously, the athlete lived in the Ryazan region, and several years ago moved to Moscow, where he lives with his husband.

The start of a competitive career of Diana started in 2012, but the first time she had not taken any prizes. Only in 2014 she was third at the Cup of Moscow region, and in 2015 brought the Diana absolute victory in the Cup of the Moscow region, as well as first place in the Junior category up to 169 cm in the championship of Russia. However, the most important achievement is an absolute victory at the Arnold Classic Europe Madrid in the spring of 2015, where Diana received a statuette from the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She admits that in the beginning of his way, was very thin, she found it difficult to gain muscle mass, which it looked too flat, compared to her rivals. Therefore, the transformation of his own body took several years. Now Diana says that the failure at the beginning was very upsetting her, there were moments when I wanted to quit everything and live a normal life. However, dedication, character and support of my beloved husband helped the girl to stand and make this happen.


Ekaterina Shokhina - At the 3rd place in TOP-5 is the winner of the coveted status of IFBB Bikini Pro that is already in the list of participants of the forthcoming tournament "Bikini Olympia"-2016. The absolute champion of the Moscow region and the champion of Moscow in 2014 year, have achieved excellent results in 2015, becoming the absolute champion of Russia, champion of the world and absolute champion of the "Olympia Amateur World Showdown". Such a successful performance is the result of hard work of the athletes and her coach Iveta Statsenko.

Muscovite is part of the team "Victory Distribution" and represents the brand "Kevin Levrone Signature Series". Catherine Shokhin is a certified gym instructor and a couple with Diana Volkova leads the project "Dream Girls Team" - a six-week team communication, the purpose of which is to advise, support and motivate everyone to have a nice body.

Stefanie Macherhammer Austrian redhead fitness

Stefanie Macherhammer Austrian redhead fitness

Team Muscle Intelligence athlete & coach

    Stefanie Macherhammer

  •     25 Jahre
  •     1,64 cm
  •     59 kg

My Life Motto:

Other people see that as an example of Motivation – BUT one has to live his own life, his own story to write! In the end, others will never be YOU!

To be YOU is to YOUR advantage that distinguishes you and is so exciting!

Stefanie Macherhammer before and after photos

My Goals:

I want to continually improve, strength, muscle definition and mass, but also my Knowledge regarding the anatomy and biomechanics of the body, in Interaction with the influences of the Bio - and neuro-chemistry to expand.

I am currently building, together with my Partner in our joint Coaching business "Team Muscle Intelligence". Our interest lies in a refined, innovative approach to training design.

Our focus is to be able to target muscle-conscious control. Everyone can a Bank exercise push press the "fucking rod high" until the cows come home with "everything he has" and yet fail to specifically build up his chest. With small tweaks and modifications to the execution of exercises, mental and mechanical in nature, can improve the activity and load on the target muscle tremendously, and help people to feel him, finally, when the exercises are performed and controlled to set voltage. Targeted contractions against resistance, and not just Moving weight, to put a real growth stimulus.

Sometimes many of the classic Exercises for certain body types or goals, but are simply not suitable. Too often I see "Bros" at my Gym, the ruin with machines and Exercises are not at all suitable for you, in the long term your joints.

Tinkering this end, we have to new exercise variations (what I like to optimize on a regular basis in video form on my Instagram-Page parts) to account for the respective requirements and try to the individual anatomy of athletes. Everyone is different and brings a different set of physical requirements. The width of the shoulder, for example, in The Gym of the available training devices are just scaled up to a certain degree, and allow only certain angles and grip variations, which possibly are not for every athlete/every stature optimal. Muscles, joints, and movements must all be in the same direction, so that the load is going where you want to go – if not at a Practice, you should Exercise, even if it is a so likeable, against a more sensible replace.

I would like to in the long term, seen with Team Muscle Intelligence of people on these areas and help people to shape their own Training in an intelligent and deliberate.

Nutrition and supplementation are a very important and exciting part of the Whole. We would also like to learn from scientific findings to meet as athletes and coaches the best possible decisions.

In short: My goal is to be a good "evidenced-based" Coach, Motivator, and Athlete, as well as to establish myself as a fitness model and in the future in Stage races. International Workshops, training courses and ultimately certificates are part of my target.

Yasmin Castrillon true India Fitness

Yasmin Castrill India Fitness Model

The model and Muse Fitness Yasmin Castrillon, owner of curves irretectable, comes calling to attention not only for its beauty but also by the fact of being of indigenous origin. Yasmin is the great-granddaughter of an indian woman of the tribe Parintintins.

Yasmin, that has been called India Fitness, said to have the property to assume the post of the only and true “India Fitness”, because in addition to his ancestry, he also dedicated himself to a life extremely healthy, not paying a lot of workout. The brunette, who was born in Manaus presents measures impressive. Are 95cm bust, 70cm waist and 100cm hips – the buttocks. distributed in 1.70 m height.

People call me India Fitness in the gym, friends, I saw that they went out on the social network some indies fitness I don't know. But India Fitness that do not mesh does not roll right, 
says Yasmin.

Anita Herbert, a Hungarian Fitness Model thin and curved like never before

Anita Herbert, a Hungarian Fitness Model thin and curved like never before

The training at the Hungarian fitness Model Anita Herbert warms the hearts! And prove that having a super sculpted body that needs to be earned with bars and loads!

No part of the body and no exercise is forgotten and it follows readily from the beach to the room, or on his account instagram #anita.herbert!

His physical end and curved, perfectly proportioned would lie to all those who criticize the girls are too muscular and they say,
" I don't like the muscles in the feminine ".
Not even true, with Anita you are forced to love!

The atomic bomb has nothing of male, and his muscles are long and sculpted to perfection. It is not for nothing that she is athlete IFBB Pro and has won 5 times, the contest Miss Bikini all classes. 1.65 m 55 kg of pure beauty...

She now lives in Miami and her favourite products are protein, glutamine, and carnitine to burn a maximum of fat. Like everything in the world, it creaks sometimes and is said to be unable to train on an empty stomach. According to it, every body reacts differently and we need to find the training that works . For it, obviously it works!