IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Larissa Reis

Brazilian Fitness Models Larissa Reis

After a bunch of male athletes, let's get to the ladies. I'm going to introduce you to Larissa Reis. It is a brazilian born may 21, 1979, IFBB Pro, but also a nutrition coach, and fitness model.

It's a measure 1m67 to 61 kg in competition, and 65 pounds out of competition.

In 2003, she was spotted by Playboy in Brazil, and this is where it all began. In 2007, she obtained her status as a pro, and went to live in the USA to continue his career, with competitions and winners from more promising.

It is now a key figure at the mid-way between the bodybuilding and the fitness, and has been on the cover of a large number of magazines : Iron Man Magazine, Muscular Development, Planet Muscle, Flex Magazine, and more...

IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Larissa Reis

IFBB Pro Larissa Reis

Fitness Models Larissa Reis

Brazilian Fitness Model Larissa Reis

Fitness bikini pro Larissa Reis

Top Brazilian Fitness Models Larissa Reis

Top Brazilian Fitness Model Larissa Reis

Top Fitness Models Larissa Reis

Fitness Motivation Larissa Reis

The best applications for exercise: Fitness Buddy

We recommend the apps that will help you get in shape and will guide you through your physical training.

Description of the app: Is an app in English that gives you the possibility of performing more than 1500 unique exercises in the gym. It presents itself as the perfect complement to all the personal trainers and also for people who want to take care of yourself.

The integration of the application within the app of the Health of the Iphone is perfect, and helps you to have at all times absolute control of your body. In addition, it presents a few charts and images that made the navigation in the app very user-friendly.

Pictures, training routines, exercises for each muscle group...this app will not leave you indifferent (you can buy extensions, with improvements and more exercises)

Evaluation users: 4/5

Available on iTunes and Android: Yes

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Fitness Model Jen Selter | most beautiful ass of the world

Jen Selter | most beautiful ass of the world

Made famous by her photos posted on social networks, this American 22-year-old has seen his career explode thanks to its passages on the small screen.

This is the story of a young American who, after his secondary education, is launched in cosmetics. In addition to her courses, she enrolled in a gym and, over the sessions, discovered that the muscle volume of his butt greatly increases. Motivated by this transformation and better in her body, she opened an account in Instagram in march 2012 and began posting pictures of her.

The popularity of his shots sexy - but never vulgar - grows over a period of months, in the same way that its subscribers. Proud to attract the interest of so many people - including singer Rihanna - Jen Selter ensures that his body does nothing to the cosmetic surgery, outside of his nose that it was too big. In the Face of this success, the "instagirls" aroused the lust of the brand and became the ambassador of the brand of mineral water NY20 and nutrition Game Plan Nutrition.

Michelle Häfliger Personal Trainer

Michelle Häfliger Personal Trainer

À propos

  • Contributor by beautyand beast.ch
  • Personal Trainer at The Centurion Club
  • Sponsored by Babalú Switzerland ?


My Name is Michelle Häfliger

Today, I am 22 years old, live in Switzerland and am a passionate Sportswoman.

Currently, I am pursuing ambitious, my goal is to develop myself on a healthy and balanced way and to come closer to my goals.

However, this was not always so.

In 1994 I came in Sursee. My parents raised me warmly and patiently, and so I grew up happy. My father was a successful martial artist and took me to my request, even as a 6 year old with you to the Training. Although it was pretty good to me, I turned with age of this Sport and spent my time with everyday things which young people do so.

After the end of compulsory education, I started an apprenticeship as a hairdresser and taught what it means to earn money. In the following period of time then, I discovered the night life and large celebrated weekly, swift parties, and consumed Frequently stimulants such as alcohol and cigarettes. For sports a lot of space in my spare time, not more, however, remained.

In these 3 years I lived quite unconscious of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

So I ate very deficient, stressed my body only through the work of teaching, as well as the parties and the consumption of alcohol.

This showed only the presence of my physical Constitution and my very frail, weak appearance.
Even after the successful completion of my apprenticeship, it changed for the time being not much to my life style, because I was not aware of my Situation really aware of.

The will of a more powerful look was there, but lacked a certain amount of know-how, as well as the necessary motivation and the right Plan.

19 then I met companions happen to be Known by my present life and Trainer. He was already a successful athlete and nutrition coach with years of experience, after all, he is also 9 years older than me.

He realized right away my Potential and offered me to train me. He gave me courage and explained to me, is that every goal is achievable if the will is strong enough, and the each of the profit demands of its victims. He self-trained already since he was 18. Age and motivated me through his experience in this Sport.

Quickly, I began to take my Chance and turned my whole life upside down.

Instead of fast food and Snacks, I prepared me now real meals, started my food to prepare themselves, and fed me well, day-to-day in a more conscious and balanced.

In place of parties and Hang out, I planned my training sessions. Together with my friend, and thanks to my enormous curiosity, I taught in a short time much that is worth knowing, and was thus able to make rapid progress. What began with basic exercises, developed up today, to a sophisticated training plan, which my entire body, compensated claims, and helps me to my edit, the weak points targeted.

After disciplined hard Training and diet, I prefer to today, a successful balance sheet. My goals I surpassed a long time ago, and New formed.

To the reactions of my fellow human beings to me is always clear, what a huge Transformation I have created. This and my ever burning fire for this Sport motivates me daily to continue on this path. In short, I live now finally met, and I'm happy to take my place in this Sport have found.

The 8 most effective exercises for a toned stomach

The 8 most effective exercises for a toned stomach.

Exercise 1. Squat on one leg Stand up straight, feet on the width of the pelvic bones. Suck in your stomach and strength of the muscles of the lower press pull up your left knee to the waist. Do 15 squats on the right leg, then stop, change legs and do the repeat with the right foot. It is very important to pull the knee to the waist by the power of the press, this little scrotes in the waist and give the pelvis a little forward.

Exercise 2. The pendulum Stand straight, hands on waist or upper thighs. Suck in your stomach and a little stretch the lower ribs to the pelvic bones. On this state of "easy to twist" move the body weight on the right leg and the left pull to the side. Jump, switch legs so that they move in the same plane parallel to the wall. Keep moving for 2 minutes.

Exercise 3. Curl in the squat is Very important to involve the stomach and relax it until the end of the exercise. Take the basic stance – feet shoulder width pelvic bones, the abdomen, back straight. Go down into a squat until thighs parallel with the floor, now hold your body parallel to the floor, and stretch right hand to left foot, twisting and straining press. Suck in your stomach even more, straighten up. Do 15 movements on each side.

Exercise 4. Hand to foot Stand up straight, get balance, get the right leg off the floor, take her back. Pull up your left hand and stretch the knee of the right leg to the left elbow. Straighten up. Do it as fast as possible for 60 repetitions on each side.

Exercise 5. A jump Stand up straight, working principle as in the first exercise. First curl the lower ribs to the pelvis, then transfer weight from one foot to the other, performing the jump-off, do not forget that to pull the knee to the stomach it is necessary to force the abdominal muscles. Work for 2 minutes and the pace should be comfortable, so that it was possible to complete the approach.

Exercise 6. Mill on one foot, shift your body weight on your right foot, bend the left, and the power of the press bring the knee to the stomach. Do an easy forward bend, stretch your right arm up and left down. Suck in your stomach. Within 30 seconds, switch hands, curled in the body – get your left hand up as much as possible while remaining on one foot. The goal is not to fall from precarious positions. "Mills" can be slow. Repeat with the other leg.

Exercise 7. Squat-jump From the rack straight down to the squat position, jump up so that his feet did not change the width of the rack. Do what you can, at least 10 times.

Exercise 8. A deadlift on one leg Stand up straight, shift your body weight on the right leg, suck in your stomach. Stretch straight body forward so that the fingers were at the level of mid-calf. Repeat 15 times very slowly, switch legs. Practice regularly, and don't forget that a flat belly "loves" diet, full of fiber, protein and unsaturated fats like to lose belly fat, will fit the Mediterranean diet.

Yanyah Milutinovic A very nice looking Serbian-Finnish Swede

Yanyah Milutinovic A very nice looking Swedish Fitness Mode

Swedish born Yanyah Milutinovic boasts one of the most athletic backgrounds and best physiques you are likely to find in fitness. She started karate at 10 years of age, and carried this on, becoming The Open World Cup Champion for children at the age of 15. Yanyah moved to the states in the around 2008, for 7 years she had to struggle with feeling alienated and lived a active nightlife that saw her drinking regularly and losing touch with the athletic girl she once was.

Not only was the move to a new country a little difficult for Yanyah, but during this period she was the victim of domestic violence. It seems though, that the extremely rough start she had to her time in the U.S, made her even more determined, and after waking up one day and not liking the hungover sleep deprived self who she saw in the mirror, Yanyah, decided it was time for a change.

Her drive and ambition, coupled with her knack for adapting quickly to physical activity have been cornerstones of her quick rise to fitness success. She chooses who she works with in the industry very carefully. After a long 5 years, realizes that she is just getting started.

Weight loss and drying - what's the difference?

Before each beach season, hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of people around the world remember that your body needs to be put in order. To lose weight, tighten muscles. For the ordinary citizen, this process is called weight loss and usually lasts 1-2 months. Around the same time in gyms bodybuilders begins "to dry". At first glance, the two processes are identical and aim to achieve the same results, in practice they have different objectives that are different timelines, different methods and techniques.

Weight loss and drying – what's the difference?

The goal of "drying" and weight loss

The purpose of weight loss is weight, primarily fat. Usually "losing weight" sits on some kind of diet and recorded to the nearest gym (sometimes prefers the great outdoors if the weather allows). In most cases, program weight loss is designed so to lose weight as quickly as possible (the aim is 10-15 kg per month, and it is quite "modest"). The special care of the preservation of muscles is not observed. Weight loss is mainly due to the decrease of water content, weight of muscles, and only then – the fat (our body very reluctantly and slowly consumes the fat, treating it as a kind of emergency reserve). Method of weight loss purely mechanical: by reducing caloric intake and increasing mobility.

The purpose of drying is not only to get rid of excess body fat, but to keep up muscle weight. A distinctive feature of the drying is that it follows a period of targeted mass (muscle growth only occurs under conditions of high caloric intake, when to avoid fat accumulation is simply impossible). The athlete, as opposed to simply "losing weight" is vitally interested in the only loss of subcutaneous fat, to improve the relief of muscle, and its little intrigues, vague phrase "total weight loss". Thus, the main difference of weight loss from drying is in order: in the first case talking about dropping body weight in General, the subcutaneous fat, and, necessarily, with preservation of the muscles.

The rigidity of the diet

Drying is different from another weight loss and rigidity of diet. Firstly, it takes 2-3 months, during which the athlete must strictly adhere to a balanced diet (with low calories that the heavy duty high intensity training is doubly problematic). While on easy weight loss have no more than 1-1,5 months. Second, by itself, the diet is more strict (although much depends on the preferences of slimming: mediety always in high demand, and to withstand them is much harder than even the scarce but diverse diet). All deviations from the designed power mode, which sometimes involves a meal in a strictly allotted time to 5-6 times a day.

As for rigidity diets for simple weight loss not simple, they range from very hard (1,5-2 weeks mono) to very soft (with the rejection of several snacks, including at night, and lower calorie content of one meal, usually Breakfast, although it would be better not to eat at night). Diets have in common the fact that their compliance is not allowed the use of a sweet and powdery. Athletes enrich their diet with elements of sports nutrition: a strong vitamin-mineral complexes (depending on the level of training, from Multitabs Intensive or the Alphabet Effect, to Animal Pak) and protein or amino acids (as protein source). Pharmacological support is needed to keep up muscle mass.

Using special pills to lose weight

If the goal is to reduce the overall weight, often using special tools. They can be natural or based on natural ingredients (e.g. grapefruit juice or mixture of lemon juice and grated garlic), or have a pharmacological origin (fat burners). In the latter case are used substances of different origins and directions of influence: thermogenics (caffeine) fat burners (L-carnitine), different accelerators of metabolic processes (green tea). Sometimes, drugs used in comprehensive impact. Their distinguishing feature is a weak effect (for example, green tea helps to lose up to 80 calories a day, which is equivalent to weight loss in a month by only 1-1. 2 kg).

Athletes when drying use a greater variety of pharmacological agents, each of which has a narrow focus of the action. There are substances of all spectrum of action: caffeine (in conjunction with ephedrine and aspirin), L-carnitine, guarana extract, appetite suppressant and caloric blocker, diuretics. Fat is a natural place for the accumulation of moisture, because diuretics help to get rid of it. It is necessary to give themselves report that such "chemical" stress affects the body pretty bad, both in terms of physiology and in terms of psychology, (bad mood, sleeping problems).

Weight loss and drying - what's the difference

The performance

What's better: fat burning or drying? The answer is not so obvious. If drying is carried out on the result, especially when the result is evaluated not only by the athlete but also his coach, the efficiency can be very high. When weight loss is the only form of control is self-tracking of results (usually by using scales). High risks of failure and rapid weight gain. Doctors recommended to lose not more than 1.5 kg weight, otherwise, weight loss is mainly due to dehydration and loss of muscle mass. In General, the effectiveness of these methods depends on the previously set goals, which you want to achieve and the ability to cope with diet and exercise.

As for saving results after the completion of the active phase of weight loss or drying, the specific differences here. Professional athletes in the offseason to gain 20-30 kg of fat mass. The hard phase of weight loss ends with a kind of denouement, when "thinner" starts hard to lean on food. The body is so constituted that to prepare for the possibility of a repetition of the hunger strike and go out with fat double. Of course, with the right approach to diet and weight loss not more than 1-1,5 kg a month (12-18 kg per year) of these problems can be avoided because the body manages to get used to the reduced weight and does not seek to return weight.

Much depends on the ability of the person to refuse in the future from the use of sweet, powdery, fatty. To preserve the achieved results. And it does not depend on whether the program is weight loss or drying.

Is it possible to dry everything?

Can an ordinary person, not the athlete, to abandon weight loss altogether and, like the bodybuilders to get rid of excess weight with the help of complex of measures on dry? No, and here's why:

  • drying – it is violence against the body, professional athletes for 3 months are in a state of perpetual stress, which is detrimental to the human psyche.
  • drying requires the use of a mass of pharmacological drugs, a poison to the body, moreover, goes in a decent amount.
  • the duration of the stage of drying up to 3 months, during which the body sheds off up to 30 kg (or 10 kg each month) that is extremely difficult for an untrained person.
  • drying is also maintaining the achieved level of muscle mass that requires a special sports nutrition and everyday heavy prolonged exercise.

The duration and severity of drying make it unsuitable for use by people who are forced to combine the process of weight loss with your daily obligations (work, school, family, and household chores).

Insta Fitness Models: http://instafitnessmodels.blogspot.com/

Fitness Models with Muscle - Cass Martin

Cass Martin Fitness Models with Muscle

Cass Martin is accepted for her work approach and muscle builder physique on social media. along with her partner as her terribly own personal trainer, she’s managed to create a reputation for herself with an enormous following on social media and growing.

There’s no sign of her speed down because the weights keep obtaining heavier and heavier. With a healthy diet and a tough work ethic, Cass has the thirst for additional and additional. We’ll be seeing plenty additional of her terribly shortly.

Insta Fitness Models: http://instafitnessmodels.blogspot.com/

The best applications for exercise: Total Fitness - Gym & Workouts

We recommend the apps that will help you get in shape and will guide you through your physical training.

Description of the app: it Is a fitness guide in Spanish and English for fans of the training and the maintenance of physical.

In this app you will find a large amount of information that will help you achieve your goals. There are routines to do in the gym and at home, as well as nutrition tips and charts with your progress.

One of the tools most practices there is a calculator mass BMI.

It is a free app, although you can purchase a paid version.

Evaluation users: 4’3/5

Available on iTunes and Android: Yes

Download Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts’ on iTunes

Download ‘Total Fitness – Routines and gym’ in Android

Puerto Rican Queen: Yarishna Ayala IFBB Bikini Pro

Yarishna Ayala IFBB Bikini Pro

FULL NAME: Yarishna Nicole Ayala Otero

HEIGHT: 1.63 / 5’4

WEIGHT AT COMPETITION: 52 kg / 115 pounds



HOBBY: Paint

Yarishna: I started in the físicoculturismo after my twin sister became pregnant. We were both professional dancers and we had just come out of the reality show, “Q Viva The Choosen” by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. We always share the same dreams and goals; when she become pregnant I was wondering what would be my next step, and it was there where my trainer Carlos Ayala Cholo I made the approach to compete in the Bikini category.