Tattooed fitness model Tasha Mackenzie

Tattooed fitness model Tasha Mackenzie

Tasha Mackenzie is a famous Australian Fitness Model and Social Media Personality who is best known as a winner of WBFF Bikini Diva Pro. She gain huge fame from the 1 Up Nutrition sponsored model. Tasha weight is around 53-54 Kg. Tasha height is 5 feet and 4 inches which are pretty good considering her overall figure.

Tasha Mackenzie fitness

Swedish Fitness Model Carolina Johansson

Swedish Fitness Model Carolina Johansson

My name is Carolina Helny Maria Elisabet Johansson but called for FitnessCarro, I am a fitnessbloggare and instagrammers who is 23 years old and lives in a small summer resort called Strängnäs together with my family and little baby.

I have stayed in Strängnäs, Stockholm and Berlin to then come back to my hometown Strängnäs again, I enjoy! The high city is something I'm missing, but I can see when I visit my friends. In Strängnäs, see my family, my job, and the GYM of course!

Health and fitness is a big part of my life and I spend many hours a week to train and prepare good food. The best thing I know is to lift heavy and push myself to become stronger. I work out differently in different periods, but the focus is always to become stronger. Since I was 16 years old I weight training at the gym but participated at the age of 22 before I knew what I had to do to achieve my goals and achieve development. It took years before I found balance and understood what fitness and health in fact was for real. Fitness is not to be so skinny and touted as possible, fitness and health should be an active life that you feel good both mentally and physically.

In the future I hope to be able to open his own gym so that I can motivate others to lead a healthier life, where fitness is something positive and gets to a weekday. I also have plans to create my own träningstight in the near future. The great dream is to one day make my own workout clothes. Workout clothes that make people feel fancy and that's practical. I also want to be able to motivate people that they think they look pretty and feel comfortable when they're at the gym. Usually it is just not practical sportswear and always so stylish. Clothing and fashion has always been my heart so it would have been absolutely fantastic to combine both fitness and my passion for fashion.

Swedish Fitness Model

Find motivation with Linn Löwes

Find motivation with Linn Löwes

Linn has long had a major role within social medias and runs both a popular blog at Fitnessgurus blog portal as well as an incredible Instagram account with 925 0000 followers!

She is smart, attractive, successful-and not least strong. But behind the fitnessprofilen Linn Löwe's great form hides a history of cancer, chemotherapy and radiation. She survived cancer have influenced her approach to health.

In the beginning of 2014, Linn was diagnosed with Lymphoma. This came as a shock for Linn and she was put to the test. Linn decided not to give up. She decided that she would be in the best shape possible to fight her disease. The decision and her strength made it possible for her body to cope with all of the forms of treatment that it was exposed to.

Linn is an amazing source of inspiration in every way possible. For most of the time, you find her at the gym where she takes on new challenging exercises that she frequently shows off in inspiring videos and photos on her Instagram. Being healthy is Linn’s number one priority and she has been using Fitnessguru’s products since way back.

Find motivation with fitness model Linn Löwes

Fantastic shape! Fitness Model Emma Dillon

Fantastic shape! Fitness Model Emma Dillon

Her name is Emma Dillon. He is a personal trainer certified in CERT 3 & CERT 4 fitness. It is a World Amateur WBFF Pro Bikini.

Before following her passion into fitness, it's been certified legal practitioner! But now is currently following his dream to help others achieve their goals of health and fitness - both online and in person!

Fitness Model Emma Dillon

Fantastic shape! Fitness Model

Fantastic shape Emma Dillon

Body Fitness Model Emma Dillon

Emma Dillon

insta Fitness Model Emma Dillon

Fitness Motivation Emma Dillon

Fitness Girl Emma Dillon

Fit girl Emma Dillon

female Fitness Model Emma Dillon

bikini Fitness Model Emma Dillon

22-year-old wedish superbloggaren: Read and watch her fitness and health tips

22-year-old wedish superbloggaren: Read and watch her fitness and health tips

22-year-old Denice Moberg from Kramfors has made a rapid career as superbloggare. She is hot on social media with over 656 000 followers only on instagram.

Many people want to read and watch her fitness and health tips.

It's all about training and about social media, blogger at, but above all on Facebook, where she now belongs to those with the most fans in Sweden.

Her career as a celebrity on social media is also not so long. Write the blog she started with first, last fall, and has more than 50 000 visitors each week.

Instagram has been around longer. Where she lays out training pictures and movies. Customers can see how she develops, but also get tips for both exercises and healthy food.

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 1

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 2

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 3

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 4

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 5

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 6

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 7

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 8

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 9

Swedish Fitness Model Denice Moberg 10

As celebrity in social media, you can also earn a penny. On the other hand, on the number of visitors that can give a total per time and on their own contracts with advertisers who want to be seen with her.

There are bloggers who can live on that income and Denice would also not mind to earn her on what she thinks is the most fun, exercise, health, and being active in social media.




Johanna Modin - I’m 22 years old from Stockholm, Sweden and I recently graduated as a Software tester/Quality assurance which suits me well ‘cause I love problem solving and I’m very competitive. Even though I have an education within IT my true passion in life is training.

I started playing soccer at the age of 10, when I was 15 I started playing in the highest league, and at the same time I went to a high school with soccer orientation. I trained about 6-10 times a week and I was as happy as I’ve ever been.

At the age of 19 I quit completely ‘cause many of the girls in my team were older than me and didn’t show up to practice due to pregnancy and other “grown-up” stuff.
I therefore started going to the gym to have something to do or else I was climbing the walls at home.

Since then I’ve been training whenever I feel like it (about 2-10 times a week) and performing different types of training and sports. When I’m sick and tired of the gym I love to go out running, play badminton or have a boxing session with my brother.

The thing that keeps me motivated and truly happy in life is variety in my training!

Johanna Modin, Swedish Fitness Model

Maryana Dvorska - Female Fitness Model Hot Body

Maryana Dvorska Female Fitness Model Hot Body

Maryana Dvorska - I am 20 years old and have recently moved from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA.

In high school I never knew what I wanted to do with my life, never felt comfortable in my own body, and always turned to food to numb the feeling of being lost and not fitting in with my peers. One day, towards the end of my senior year I remember waking up and thinking I’m no longer going to feel sorry for myself, I am going to change, and today is the day I do it. Although at that time I knew nothing about proper nutrition or training so I did what most girls were taught to do, hop on a treadmill for an hour, and finish off with some abs at the end.

I began eating “clean” which added up to around 1,200 calories a day on top of  2+ hours of exercise . I went from being 150 lbs (at 5’5) to 119 lbs in a matter of month. At first, I felt good, so good that I never wanted the scale to stop going down, so good that I never wanted to eat another slice of pizza again, so good that I never missed a day at the gym (even if I was sick with a fever). I felt so good.. Until I didn’t. Until I became weaker, until I couldn’t enjoy dinner with my family, or celebrate Christmas.

Until I looked at the mirror and even at my lowest weight I didn’t like what I was seeing. So I began doing my research, I went on Instagram/ Youtube and found these strong, strong women who talked about lifting, and eating to GROW your body, not to shrink it, which was a weird concept for me to grasp. I went on sites like & and found even more women who talked about their specific training, their diet, and their approach to fitness.

I wanted to be strong, I wanted to feel good, I wanted to find balance. And so after days of research, help from my incredible boyfriend, and lots of self encouragement I finally stepped into the weights section of the gym, I lasted a whole 3 minutes before I broke down crying, turned around, and went right back to my stair master, that was my comfort zone. I remember some thoughts running through my head were ” I don’t know what i’m doing, everyone will judge me, there’s like no girls in there”. But the stair master & the treadmill no longer held my interest.

I was itching to see what it feels like to be strong, to be confident, to truly find balance in my life. So a couple days after my breakdown, I went at it again.. I threw a hat on, I had head phones in my ear, I had my full workout written out on a sheet of paper, and I had tunnel vision. I didn’t focus on anyone else but myself, I didn’t care if people were starring at me (which by the way they weren’t), I didn’t care if I did some of the exercises in correctly (which of course I did), and I simply just got it done. Which brings me here,

3 years later, still in love with this lifestyle that no longer consumes my life but enhances it. There is so much information out there that encourages women to eat like a bird, to spend countless hours doing cardio, and to invest in diet pills and waist trainers.

The reason I am offering online coaching is because I don’t want others have to go through what I did.

Fitness is meant to make you better, to make you grow, to make you live longer, and enjoy your life with those around you. It is possible to reach your goals without having to sacrifice aspects of your life that make you happy and I want to help you get there.

Maryana Dvorska Female Fitness Model

Cristina Silva ▬ Personal trainer and Fitness Model

Cristina Silva Personal trainer and Fitness Model

Bikini Diva World Champion

    Name: Cristina Silva
    Age: 29
    Height: 1,64 m (5’5”)
    Competition Weight: 50 kg
    Current weight: 56 kg
    Current city: London, England
    Occupation: Personal trainer

I’m a Personal Trainer working in Central London, and the new WBFF Bikini Diva World Champion.

I have an international experience in Modelling and fitness that really helps diversify my activities on stage and in the gym. I know what competition means after stepping on my first stage in the WBFF london 2015,  finishing on the podium in the Fitness category with a third place and winning the Bikini Category. 3 months later, I competed on the stage in Las Vegas winning my first world title.

I always have been dedicated to fitness and I always wanted to help anybody who is willing to make changes in their life. If you have any question or motivation to change your lifestyle, contact me for more information in the “contact page”!

Cristina Silva WBFF Athlete

Cristina Silva Wbff North America bikini pro Champion

Cristina Silva Fitness Model

Cristina Silva Bikini World Champion

Cristina Silva Bikini Diva World Champion

Cristina Silva fit girl

Cristina Silva body motivation

Cristina Silva fitness

Cristina Silva fitness motivation

Cristina Silva WBFF Pro Bikini

Cristina Silva WBFF Pro Bikini World Champion


Zoey Wright - Her chronic illness transforms it into bodybuilder

Zoey Wright - Her chronic illness transforms it into bodybuilder

Suffering from a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine, Zoey Wright changed life after being put in a pocket of stoma. Eager to resume "normal" life and recover the energy and the pounds lost, she embarked a challenge: become a bodybuilder.

Zoey Wright nearly died a few years ago, she was fighting against a medical condition named the Colitis therapy.

Zoey Wright changed life after being put in a pocket of stoma

The young woman was 20 years old when she discovered that she was suffering the disease that made sure that colon and rectum are always blocked. So it is impossible to evacuate the stool. It is classified in autoimmune diseases. It is a disease which is push and who cannot be cured, requiring medication for life. The goal of treatment is that remissions last as long as possible.

Today, Zoey is 22 years old and she just won the England bodybuilding contest and ranks at the same for international competitions even if she has to wear a bag to his stomach at all times.

Pendnt 2 years to suffer from chronic fatigue and uncontrollable diarrhea, the young woman trained to become what it is today. A superb example of determination!

See the photos, they speak for themselves:

Woman With Ulcerative Colitis Becomes Bodybuilder

Meet Jelly, The 26-year-old Swedish Who Went From Overweight And Unhealthy To A Stunning Fitness Model

Meet Jelly, The 26-year-old Swedish Who Went From Overweight And Unhealthy To A Stunning Fitness Model

The 26-year-old Swedish fitness model, who is known as Jelly Devote on Instagram, wasn’t at her healthiest just a while back. Swedish fitness model who decided it was time to turn her life around by cutting out processed foods and alcohol.

jelly devote before after
Jelly Devote before after

You always ask me how I managed to do my transformation from the girl to the left to the girl on the right.. .

time, dedication and knowledge. Was it easy? No. Did I have any sort of help? No. Did I succeed straight away? No.

so many ups and downs it's crazy. Tried all kinds of wrong things crazy diets and just doing cardio. It's taken me years to get where I am today. Years of mistakes and setbacks. When I've felt like giving up. I'm so happy, today,