Many coach happy to talk to budding athletes, no different good physical fitness, about the benefits of pumping. And about what scientists have proven: if you engage the pump, using small weights, it is possible to freely increase their muscle more than 20%. But what is a pump?

This is a "legendary" technique, which contains the whole point of bodybuilding. To the uninitiated it is extremely difficult to describe the sensations experienced bodybuilder, doing the pumping, but, once having trained the system, you can understand what I mean. Sometimes in the gym the athlete feels a kind of fullness within the muscles, so that his limb is almost not bent or the tension of the skin. The muscle becomes more dense and hot.

Do not think that the pump is one of many methods of pumping muscles, and in some ways it is unique. The phenomenon that occurs when pumping is cerebral in nature; the psychological effect of pumping can be easily observed.

However, all these common words. Now let's look at the mechanism of the effect of pumping on muscle.

The theory is very simple. In this exercise, we copy the action of the pump, so as constantly doing the same motion, so that the muscles fill with blood. And when they are fully saturated, we need to sharply accelerate. The result of this technique is in the muscle is more blood than it can pump out, moreover, the blood constantly arrives. Not finding a way out, she impregnates every cell of the muscle, and this muscle hardens and increases in volume right before your eyes.

For all time of existence of the bodybuilding debate about the benefits of pumping did not stop even for a second. Of course, no one doubts that the pump contributes to muscle growth. But some believe that there are techniques, blitzing the muscle more effectively. Let us investigate this issue. To begin, decide what should be the priority – the number of repetitions or the weight?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to understand what is happening in the muscles engaged during exercise with sets, different loading of the muscle. "Short" sets with a small number of repetitions and low weight, primarily working on the white fibers that are also responsible for the speed force (because of this they received the name of "fast" fibers). This type of load gives the opportunity to significantly enhance muscle strength and to study the main fiber. These are the main conditions for the growth of muscle mass.

However, the growth of the muscles in this approach will not capture the imagination. It illustrates an example with the lifters. They are specifically trained white fibers, but their muscles are not really growing (at least, in comparison with indicators of body builders-Pro).

A similar problem exists and bodybuilder Amateur. His muscles are not so many white fibers, so this enhanced training him a little. This scheme becomes even more useless, if you remember, in the muscles of the athlete-fan usually dominated by red fibers. Earlier this problem was solved by practicing "long" sets. Now it is proposed a training scheme, consisting of "secondary" sets involving 8-12 repetitions in the case of "upper" muscles and about 20 reps for legs. Thus to respect the basic condition of bodybuilding for muscle growth – to hold under load your muscles for one minute.

Finally, I want to touch on sports nutrition. Modern sports nutrition offers a wide range of additives for pumping. In particular, such additives include almost all pre-workout complexes. The main component in these drugs is the arginine, which is a source of NO, dilates blood vessels and causes the effects of pumping.