How to create a narrow waist?

How to create a narrow waist?

Bodybuilding requires muscle athlete proportionality. And the first thing that creates an impression of balanced development an athlete – this area abdominals. More precisely, the ratio of waist circumference to the circumferences of the chest and hips. Often this ratio allows you to become the owner of an impressive development of the musculature, not the size of separately taken muscle groups, not component of the overall ensemble.

As you can see, taking care of the abdominal muscles and their antagonists are able to significantly shorten the path to the perfect muscular proportions. But in training this group of muscles has its own quirks. Firstly, such basic exercises as squats and deadlift, have contributed to the development of waist circumference. A perfect tool for increasing strength of the back muscles, the above exercises in the same way affect the abdominal muscles. However, this training effect causes an increase in waist circumference, which amends the General impression of the musculature.

For this reason, bodybuilders are advised not to get involved in power options in backbone traction and squats with weights that go far beyond several hundreds of pounds. But to completely abandon squats and pull is not possible, especially at the initial and advanced stages of training, when in the first place is a set of total muscle mass.

Secondly, and do exercises that affect direct and slanting muscles of a stomach, can lead to a slight increase in waist circumference. Mainly this increase is a result of training these muscles in a range of up to 12 reps with additional weights. Such training also makes no sense to refuse, because the convexity and the volume of the muscles of the abdominals directly is a consequence of the training in mylopotamos mode.

In order to compensate for the development of the abdominal muscles and thus closer to ideal proportions, you must adhere to the training rules.

From the start of exercise should from time to time for inclusion in the programme cycles aimed at burning of fat. Only at a sufficiently low percentage of body fat in the abdominal muscles will become visible to third-party opinion. Which, incidentally, will create the effect of narrowing the waist in the overall composition of the body. In addition to the basic exercises performed in the normal mode, requires the inclusion of additional movements, the essence of which is to learn to support the waist muscles in a state of heightened tone. Simply speaking, work in this direction is not work on the size of the muscles themselves, and more skillful at handling them.

One of these exercises is as follows.

Starting position: slightly lean the body forward and stretch almost straight arms in a fixed support, such as a wall or frame. The angle of the body may vary, but it should not go abroad at 20-70 degrees from horizontal. Keeping feet together, pull in the lower abdomen by the power of the press. Keep toned this position for 30-60 seconds or more. It is desirable that the final retention was felt by the working muscle tension inside the abdomen. The exercise is done in several approaches, the number of which is determined by the experience of the exercise and General fitness in it. Made in the static hold effect firmer abdominal wall need to automate turning it into a habit.