How to pump up the buttocks?

How to pump up the buttocks?

Squat, then squat, then squat. Deep squats - is one of the most basic and effective exercises. You must fully squat, below parallel (90 degrees).

Try different widths of setting your feet to choose more convenient and comfortable stance for squats. Be sure to start with a blank fingerboard. The back should be kept straight and in tension. Be sure to avoid bending forward, after the squat, by inertia, to get up, tear off the heel. Descend slowly and just as slowly or a little faster, get up. Exercise interchangeable similar but worst in terms of efficiency, squats in the simulator Smith. Squats with a barbell on your shoulders aimed to set the total mass of the gluteal muscles, but the shape they give to other exercises.

Hone glutes with lunges.

Lunges are another exercise for buttocks. Singer Jessica Simpson said that she loves to do lunges, and thanks to them she can look so great in shorts. Let's look at the lunge with dumbbells: grab two dumbbells in hands. Bring one leg forward and stand so that you had a sustainable position. Bend both legs and allow the dumbbells to be lifted, lower your body to the floor. Make sure your front knee does not go beyond your toes. Go down until your back knee touches the floor and then return to the starting position. Make the desired number of repetitions with one leg, and then do the same exercise with the other leg. Lunges are very effective.

They need to do.

 Do not be afraid that will become a champion of bodybuilding – this will not happen, but the ass will be a sight for sore eyes. But do not expect immediate results. Another To give a perfect shape to the buttocks you can also use the jumping rope, every other day. Jumping perform in different styles, regular straight, from side to side, the main thing that the total number of jumps not less than 500. We must not forget about the deadlift. But in addition to buttocks you will work legs, and back. Raising or lowering your pelvis to the starting position, you carry the load or on the back (above the pelvis), or on the legs (below the pelvis). I advise you to stoop pretty low, but so as not to lift the pelvis higher than the head. Remember, the sharper will be the angle between the thighs and back, the more work the gluteal muscles.

 You can also add and move legs up lying on your side, and this kind of squat, wide squat with the kettlebells in the lowered hands in front of him - these two exercises, however, more clean "ears" on the hips, but on the way to your perfect appearance from the back, there are no trifles, right? All of the above exercises are very effective, so to achieve the result you only need to properly and regularly perform. Train, your buttocks change for the better!