The benefits of bodybuilding

The benefits of bodybuilding

We won't agitate you to take up bodybuilding. This choice you have to make yourself. We'll just introduce you to the facts obtained from researchers and physicians.

1. Age-related changes.

You probably know that age of man begins about 20 years. His eyesight and hearing worsens already from 12 years of age. However, the signs of aging not yet present themselves in appearance, and they can be detected only with relatively subtle biochemical analyses. By the middle of the third decade of life age makes itself felt first wrinkles on the face and mild, quite rare, bouts of depression, reflecting the beginning of the decline of physiological activity. After the age of thirty begins the frontal assault. Suffice it to say that the body's ability to absorb oxygen immediately drops by 10 percent, and in the future it will decline by about 10 percent each succeeding decade. So of course, it is possible to pull the plug, if not for the many personal problems that comes with age fading. As shown by studies performed at tufts University, regular exercise with weights have a pronounced rejuvenating effect. Bodybuilding suspends "normal" drop rate of metabolic processes in middle age, especially in combination with diet, limiting the consumption of fats. By the way, the effect is universal. The experiment involved the elderly aged 60 to 96 years who have never been engaged in bodybuilding training has caused a surge of vitality. They added up to 15 percent of muscle mass and physical strength is increased by 180-200%.

2. Cardio-vascular system.

Bodybuilding trains the heart muscle. The power of the heart and its volume increase dramatically. The heart acquires the ability to throw per minute to 42 liters of blood! The blood vessels become elastic. Come alive small peripheral capillaries, gradually fading with age.

3. Pressure

Bodybuilding normalize blood pressure and, apparently, can be good medicine for those who have pressure from time to time increases for no apparent reason. Bodybuilders, despite ultra-high load, almost threatening surges in blood pressure, because the training "wash away" excess cholesterol in the blood vessels. Low pulse and stable blood pressure is normal, the bodybuilder carries to old age.

4. Healthy mind

Resistance exercise, like running long distance helps get rid of depression - a disease that seems to have become the scourge of modern civilization. Studies have shown that during exercise the brain releases special chemicals called antidepressants. Besides the workouts themselves are a source of strong positive emotions, because they every day bring you closer to the desired ideal. Psychologists emphasize that spectacular appearance is much more important to us than people think. Finding a strong trained body heals from the complexes, toxic existence, unleashes the calmness and confidence, which will eventually become stable by a dominant character.

5. Muscle-fat ratio of the body

Bodybuilding is a great tool to combat obesity. Training with weights allow you to overturn any genetic predisposition. They not only enable lose weight, they will give you an outstanding physical shape.

6. Bones

With age bones become brittle. It is an axiom of gerontology. It is not so certain for bodybuilding. Bodybuilders of middle and old age retains the same strength, thickness, and bone health. Bodybuilding prevents such painful disease of old age, arthritis is the deposition of salts in the joints. During exercise the joints are actively washed by blood and, most importantly, hard work. Arthritis is usually the result of a sedentary lifestyle.

7. Bodybuilding and disease

Recent medical researches have shown that exercising with weights in combination with a sensible diet can help diabetics. This program helps to release the bloodstream from sugar, because it is used by the body as an energy source. The doctors also found that bodybuilding treats patients with reduced lung function. Training of the abdominal muscles and the intercostal muscles makes breathing easier for patients with spinal cord injuries who find it difficult to control the diaphragm. There is evidence even in relation to cancer. Dealing with bodybuilding less sick this terrible disease. The phenomenon can be explained by the low levels of body fat with bodybuilders, because the science links some forms of cancer with a high fat intake with daily food.

Medicine of the twentieth century had remarkable success in combating disease.

Equally important is its contribution to the understanding of how to live to prevent disease. Bodybuilding gives us a chance, perhaps, to preserve the dignity of body and soul.

Bodybuilding will help to prevent:

  • Osteoporosis,maintaining bone strength;
  • Arthritis, maintaining mobility of the joints;
  • Mental illness by relieving stress;
  • Poor blood flow by strengthening blood circulation;
  • Heart disease by improving the efficiency of the cardiovascular system;
  • Impotence by reducing the risk of diabetes;
  • Loss of muscle mass by stimulating the muscles;
  • Weakening of the immune system by improving resistance to stress;
  • Adverse birth outcomes;
  • Cancer by decreasing fats in the body.