6 Steps to pumping big biceps

6 steps to pumping big biceps

1. The choice of grip

A wide grip means more tension and more load is concentrated on the short head of the biceps, while a narrow grip involves the long head. Always alternate the width of your grip!

2. Voltage

The highest strain in lifting a barbell, the bicep gets in the region of 80-100 degrees from the elbow. Keep this in mind and try to concentrate that would go through this range, the maximum straining biceps!

3. Technique

  • Do not allow elbows to come up. To do this, try to keep your elbows closer to your waist.
  • Do not let shoulders be involved in the work. After all, we train our biceps, right?

4. Hour

Don't take your shoulders forward, and try Vice versa just to keep the blades together. Keep abdominal muscles tense.

5. Eliminate the inertia

Raise and lower the bar smoothly, without any unnecessary movements. This will help you to load the biceps, thus creating a more stressful situation and, consequently, giving more incentive for growth.

6. Striping

Change number of reps per set every week, that would engage different muscle fibers. Do 5-7 repetitions the first week and the second week work your muscles of a biceps in the range of 10-20.

Here is a version of the workout biceps:

  • Lifting barbell biceps 3*5-15. Rest 60 seconds.
  • Lift the dumbbells grip the "hammer". 3*10-20. Rest 60 seconds.
  • A lifting of the dumbbells on a biceps on incline bench. 3*7-14. Rest 60 seconds.