Cornelia Ritzke

Cornelia Ritzke

NAME: Cornelia Ritzke
BORN: 25.06.1981 in Berlin
Size: 1.69 m
WEIGHT: 57 kg

Calisthenics fitness nutrition Cornelia Ritzke

A clear and punchy message to the topic of the vegan diet and its impact on physical performance published on your profile excellent German fitnesska and vegan Cornelia Rizke. More about her you can read here .

"A lot of people are making excuses that a vegan lifestyle like, but are afraid that a vegan diet was insufficient; after a year and a half purely vegan diet and hard training I can tell you quite clearly only one thing: it's bullshit.

Vegan food forms a great part of my progress in the sport, but also in the psychological field - I know that for me don't die unnecessarily animals, and I'm stronger and healthier than ever before. I don't think that should vegans try your surroundings to moralize, but simply to awaken interest and to show the possibility of another way. You will enjoy her a lot of fun, good food, and you think you're helping your health and the animals. Don't be afraid to go after her. I'm proud that I'm vegan."

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Cornelia Ritzke

Calisthenics fitness nutrition Cornelia Ritzke

Fitness Model Cornelia Ritzke

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Fitness Nutrition Cornelia Ritzke

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