Dexter Jackson training back

Dexter Jackson training back Supplements for fitness

1. Many have the impression that the more weight they pull – the more they will be and the shorter will be their way to build the body of a bodybuilder. It is not so. Everything is good in moderation! This also applies to the back. Based on my modest experience I have noticed that the best thing for back muscles suitable work with weights constituting 65-75% of maximum odnoprovodnoi. Well, this is the average figure is... Some prefer to use the pyramid principle. I think pulling exercises wide/rear of trapezoids and other muscles of the back should not hang such a weight from which eye on a forehead get out on the third repetition.

2. I would also like to mention about the number of repetitions! In my opinion, should not make the number less than eight! Spin in General is a combination of large muscle groups and to really give good stress on them and “to let blood” need to try hard.

3. Cheating. I think this is the only part of the body in the exercises which cannot be cityroute, otherwise it can get expensive. Small cheating say is that in a deadlift the dumbbell to the belt. Why am I at all? And the fact that many people who go is not the first and not the second year in a gym very often forget about it, or they simply don't care about. They charge up to 140-150 kg in an inclined traction, making 3-4 repetition and wriggling and being bent very whimsical... And the effect of such exercises for the back and not very much. Yes and there is a high probability of injury or a pinched nerve etc ... Well, and often, in this style of exercise most of the load to not go wide, and trapeze, but it's not quite what we need.

4. The second extreme is the “super jocks” of the Soviet period – are fully convinced that the exercises for the back the back is also very dangerous as squats (which they never do). Carry out thrust in the slope, with a weight of 30 kg + to this may pull 14 times. They consider themselves to be very good experts on bodybuilding and trying to stick your nose in and give advice, even when we absolutely don't need and not interested. Such people need to be careful, otherwise they will convert you to their faith =)).

5. Exercises for the back muscles give not only the width but also the thickness, this too should be remembered and not to do 5-6 exercises of the same type. Here's an example as I do – the first thing do deadlifts T-Neck or Stanovaya (alternate every week). The second exercise is the pull of the unit to the belt or pull rod in the slope (also alternate). Third – pull the dumbbell to the belt. Well, and fourth/fifth – with weight pull UPS wide grip / pull sitting at the head. Once technique starts to deteriorate, you need to stop or reduce the weight so which exercise will be performed more or less “pure”.

6. If you really efficiently pumped back, then you need to let it rest at least 4-5 days. Well, of course if you do not take any hormonal medicines. People who use pharmacology can reduce this break to 2-3 days. You mean not worth it, as there are very different amounts and intensity of your workouts.

7. Last but not least, to swing back really hard, probably almost as much as the legs, but that's no reason to say to myself – "I better biceps I'll swing, and that can't be bothered to stand there with cancer in the middle of the hall and do not understand that". If you are going to succumb to such thoughts, it is unlikely to receive a body, which for so long dreamed of!

If you want to focus on thickening the back muscles, then I would recommend to focus on 3 exercises is the pull T neck traction unit to the belt and the deadlift!

Well, with the first special difficulties should arise, it can make even an ordinary stamp! The only caveat – always keep the BELT. And Always keep your back straight, do not gerbasi, otherwise you can easily be injured.