Fat burning workout

Fat burning workout

? Take on your wall!

It is considered that for fat burning it is best to manipulate the number of repetitions from 15 to 30, but this is tedious and is not the only tool, the more it provides the necessary metabolic response. Mnogoobraznye programs look dull, but if the exercises are performed mostly at the gym, it does not give the expected effect. Fat burning following exercise not only helps to achieve maximum metabolic reactions, but also will make the training process interesting.

Superset – the most popular type of approaches gyrosigma training where two exercises for opposing muscles consecutive.
• Attacks in motion.
• Bent-over barbell/dumbbell straight legs.

Doucet – when there are two consecutive same type of exercises without rest between them. Many people confuse the superset and Doucet, but this is a fundamentally different things.
• Bench press;
• Dumbbell bench press lying.

Tricity, like superset, this kind of approaches workouts for fat loss can combine three exercises for different muscle groups.
• Dumbbell bench press sitting;
• Salageanu on the bench;
• Thrust rod in the slope.

Are interesting and duplicate, when three exercises are performed consecutively without a rest, but the first and third approach are duplicated.
• Leg curl;
• Leg extension;
• Leg curl.

Combi-sets, like the supersets are consecutive, but between exercises there is no anatomical connection.
• Pull-UPS wide grip;
• The bench press bar up.

Hybrid approaches – where two or more exercises combined into one. Variants can be as much as the imagination allows. The main thing is that all movements were carried out technically correctly.
• Lunge + lunge in motion + squat;
• Lunge + lunge in motion + squat + press up (when lifting);
• Squat "sumo" + thrust to the chin;
• Lunges + dumbbell breeding.

Interval approaches – peak periods and outdoor activities alternate with each other. It is important not the number of repetitions and required to execute the movement. The number of laps depends on the physical training – from 4 to 10, for example.
• Burpee with push-UPS (max load);
• Lumberjack (active rest, of course, depending on the weight of the overburden).
• Walk 1 minute;
• Running in free rhythm 1 minute;
• Sprint 1 minute.

Circuit training – United in one circle of a few exercises, as a rule, the load given to the entire body. Exercises can be from 4 to 10 circles from 3 to 6. Rest between exercises is not between the circles – until the restoration of breath.
• Squats "sumo" with a thrust to the chin;
• Attacks in motion.
• Hyperextension;
• Pull-UPS;
• Dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench;
• Twisting.

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Principles gyrosigma workout
Of course, the main factor in fat loss is nutrition, but sports is not only the calories but also a way to subdue the body with one purpose. In this case – getting rid of fat with maximum preservation of muscles (read: health, metabolism and beauty of the figure).

? So, what should be in gyrosigma training:

1. Mnogocwetnye energy-consuming exercises and challenging approaches (any of above);
2. Workout on the whole body or a two day split;
3. The number of repetitions from 6 to 20;
4. Free weights, not exercise machines;
5. The combination of low-intensity and high-intensity cardio;
6. Adequate progression (increasing the weight, number of reps, sets, reducing rest breaks, etc.);
7. Change order and change of exercise, change of program once a month.

These ironically approaches and principles can be used in any program – the program of training in the gym or at home, while planning cardiosense.