Before you plunge into the world of bodybuilding, you must understand in theory how our muscles work, and then to create in the gym the body of a bodybuilder. Of course, you may not know this, and to achieve good results in bodybuilding, but all the currents any self-respecting bodybuilder that is appropriate to their occupation professionally, must know how to operate his body.

The article was written in accessible language, nothing more, all the Essentials that needs to know the athlete.

How the muscles work

In human body three types of muscles – smooth and skeletal muscle, and heart muscle. Smooth muscle covers our internal organs and we will not be able to pump. Skeletal muscles are those muscles that sway from day to day bodybuilders.

Skeletal muscle consists of fibers, and they in turn are composed of muscle cells. Each muscle cell has two nuclei, which are responsible for the division and recovery. For the contraction of the muscles are responsible, the so-called myofibrils (filaments) that are found in muscle cells. The number of myofibrils in a muscle cell can reach up to several thousand. Thus, muscle cells form a tissue, and she, in turn, forms muscle.

Our muscles contain fibers, nerve endings, blood vessels. Muscle contraction occurs through nerve impulses received from the spinal cord to muscles.

Muscle contraction

To grow muscle you need to make lot of work in the gym, you have to reduce your muscles. Muscle contraction occurs by the transmission of the nerve impulse along the way - the brain - spinal cord – muscles us needed. Now it is clear why damage to the spinal cord so dangerous.

The man adjusts the intensity of muscle contraction by force applied impulse along the nerve endings.

Energy muscles

The molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate) - the main energy source of muscle contraction. In the process of disintegration of ATP releases energy that provides the impetus for muscle contraction. During the intensive work consumes ATP, so infinitely impossible to load themselves.

There are three main sources of ATP this is kreatinphosphat, glucose and the oxidation of organic elements.

Kreatinphosphat broken down to creatine and phosphate groups, which in turn is attached to ADP (adenosinfosfatom), forming ATP.

Glycolysis – the process of splitting glycogen contained in the muscles. The result is formation of one molecule of glucose and two molecules of lactic acid. The breakdown of glycogen, as well as the collapse of kreatinfosfata occurs without participation of oxygen. The more our body has accumulated glycogen, the more we will have energy to workout.

And the last source of ATP is the oxidation of organic substances, which takes place with the active participation of oxygen. First break down carbohydrates, then fats. When working on endurance you are using this source of energy.