Increase hands for six weeks

Increase hands for six weeks

It may sound too good to be true, but you can actually add about an inch to the arms in a few short workouts. And this process needs to be executed only once a week. You will be walked out each time with excellent results, and within a few weeks, you'll have permanent growth.

How it works

You need to do the exercises: knee Extension, hand grip upper unit and the Bending of the arms with the handle of the lower block. To do the exercises in the first campaign within 30 seconds, then immediately do 30 seconds. The rest between exercises no more than two minutes. In the first two weeks you need to do two campaigns each exercise on the third week increase to three. After the fifth week increase to four. On the sixth week You will need to build solid muscle mass.

Fitness training program Increase hands

Extension hand grip upper unit
Runs sitting. Try to do up to 60 reps in 30 seconds. If You can not, decrease the weight.

The bending of the arms with the handle of the lower block
Also try to do up to 60 repetitions in 30 seconds.