L-CARNITINE can be called the most controversial gyrosigma additive. Some of her adore considering the reliable tool that not only successfully fights fat deposits and improves energy production and overall health, which is very important in the diet with a negative balance of calories. And unlike other running fat burners, L-carnitine is not harmful to the CNS. Other though, and admit that the safety of this Supplement, but note its complete uselessness in ridding the extra fat. So it makes sense to dot all the "i" and once for all to examine the effectiveness of L-carnitine.

Let's start with the fact that gyrosigma this Supplement can be called only in part, since technically she is not able to activate lipolysis. Opening a textbook on the biochemistry, you can find the following description of the action of this substance: L-carnitine transports floating in the blood long chain free fatty acids into the mitochondria – the power plants of cells, which takes place fatty acid oxidation with subsequent formation of ATP. Until recently it was believed that medium-chain fatty acids are transported into the mitochondria without carnitine, but it became clear that some involvement in the carnitine still takes. With regard to short-chain fatty acids, their metabolism without carnitine.

That is to L-carnitine made the "black" in relation to body fat business, you need at least to create to it conditions proper diet and exercise.

L-carnitine, possessing the ability to synthesize in our body is derived from the amino acids lysine and methionine, and vitamins B, C and iron. And in contrast to creatine, L-Carnitine not accumulate in the body, excess of that substance is successfully removed. That is why some experts compare this Supplement with a tool that can effective except on the appreciation of your urine.

This view is confirmed by the absence of serious studies proving the ability of L-carnitine in the form of supplements to enhance fat burning. In scientific circles there is a "belief" that the level of L-carnitine in our body is constant and very difficult with the help of supplementation from the outside, it significantly increase. According to Western scientists Bone and Vukovica, which was announced at the world conference of sports medicine, the body already contains sufficient endogenous L-carnitine, which is required for the process of transport of fats into the mitochondria. Add to that the features of the typical diet of a bodybuilder, who, as a rule, replete with meat and dairy products that contain carnitine, and you will realize that the vital need for additional intake of this substance for the purpose of fat burning not.

The situation is complicated by numerous information low bioavailability of this dietary Supplement. Only 14-18% of L-carnitine enters muscle, the rest is destroyed in the colon. The increase in dosage (more than 6 g per day) reduces the bioavailability of the substance to 5%. Oddly enough, but significantly better than is the case with the absorption of L-carnitine from the diet. This case comes to goals already 54-87 %, depending on the amount of carnitine that contains the product. Large doses are absorbed worse than small ones.

Four years ago a study was conducted, the authors concluded that the concentration of L-carnitine in the muscles can increase taking this Supplement, higher blood sugar (2 g L-carnitine and 80 g of carbs twice a day). Moreover, the effect of the Union of L-carnitine with insulin was achieved by no less than three months of following this scheme. Maximum success was achieved after six months of continuous use of L-carnitine on a background of a carbohydrate load.

Want to "dry out" or lose weight it hardly something will help. But this discovery is useful for athletes of cyclic types of sport that are interested in increasing energy and endurance (track and field athletics, swimming, Cycling, etc.). Because representatives of these sports unlike bodybuilders and fitnessista on "drying", it is not necessary to limit carbohydrates.
However, those bodybuilders who can afford lump-concentration of sugar in the blood, is also able to benefit from the "sweet" findings of scientists. At least not for fat loss, so to increase performance. High levels of L-carnitine in the muscles, which will be provided with a quick intake of carbohydrates and carnitine as a Supplement, according to scientists, will reduce during high-intensity load (80% of submaximal power) production of lactic acid and accumulation of hydrogen ions. This will help better resist acidification of the muscles and reduce pain caused by the destructive action of hydrogen ions on myofibrillae patterns. Add to that the increase in insulin secretion, anabolic benefits which is hard to dispute, and we get a promising scheme, which will help in muscle growth.

However, the Council has to apply L-carnitine such a long period, there is one drawback. This can lead to the fact that our body will cease to synthesize their own L-carnitine, which is not good for the metabolism.

Otherwise, the additional intake of L-carnitine is not so useless as it may seem at first. If you dig deeper, you can find another important effect of the use of this substance, which can be very useful for men. The use of L-carnitine at doses of 2-4 g per day is able to fight off age-related decline in testosterone levels and impotence. The use of this Supplement can improve erections and sperm motility - that is necessary for protein-weary strokes. But seriously, such a solid use L-carnitine for men's health may be related to the fact that the sperm is synthesized certain amount of this substance. Now L-carnitine has been successfully used in the treatment of male infertility.

True, some "analysts", taking the opportunity, went even further. And now on different pages and forums can be found the thesis that L-carnitine also increases the number of androgen receptors, thereby leading to higher levels of testosterone. But specific scientific information supporting this theory, no.

While L-carnitine is not limited to bonuses only for men, it can also benefit women's health, particularly for pregnant and lactating mothers.


Turns out a sort of dummy-chameleon dubious geronikaki properties, on the one hand, and a number of bonuses, the importance of which is difficult to dispute, on the other. To take or not to take L-carnitine solution, as always, for you and your wallet