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WBFF Athlete Meisha Pijot

 Fitness is my life. Entirely. I work, eat, train, sleep it. And wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t know many people that can genuinely say they love their job, but I’m lucky enough to say I adore mine.

I’ve worked hard for many years to build a successful and sustainable business and learned so much about myself along the way. Now not only is fitness my job, but it’s my world.

Whether it’s switching off to life’s hardships lifting some heavy weights, headphones in, or hearing the success of a client’s week, I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

I live by the motto: Motivate, Inspire, Deliver. Not just for my clients and those in my life, but how it challenges me to push myself to new limits.

Having been in the industry for 8 years, I am now proud to say I have had my own successful personal training studio, working alone 6 days a week. I offer all my clients complete access to my knowledge and time – exercise, lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation education, not just prescription.

This passion led me to the competitor’s life in 2015. Being an aspiring fitness model pushed me to compete, with my first competition being Miami Pro. I took home 6 trophies including Overall Fitness Model, Muscle Model and best stage presence.

Then, I took home my dream title of WBFF Pro Fitness Diva at the London Pro/Am show. After a hard 15 week prep for what I believe to be one of the most spectacularly glamorous and toughest fitness competitions in the World, in my first WBFF I earned my pro card, allowing me to plan big things for the years ahead with the main aim to compete at the world championships.

Writing about my knowledge and experiences on my blog is another of my passions, and successes. In 2015, my blog placed in the top 6 Fitness Blogger Awards after just 8 weeks of writing! So, I guess you’ll be seeing plenty more where that came from on the EFECTIV blog!

So why do I do all this? Simply put, it makes me, me. Training, competing, you name it, I do it because I love it.

I’m proud to become a part of such an amazing team at EFECTIV and to continue to share my passion with the world.

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WBFF Athlete Meisha Pijot
Fitness Model Meisha Pijot

Meisha Pijot WBFF Athlete

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