Pharmacy drugs for athletes that you can buy for a small price at any pharmacy

Most of the athletes who prefer a natural method of training (without steroids) to improve the quality of recovery and training prefer a limited list of drugs. It includes creatine, protein, creatine and various amino acids, which are freely sold in shops specializing in sports nutrition. Thus, there is a large selection of relatively harmless drugs that are dispensed without a prescription are not doping and tested a large number of athletes. You can find them at a regular pharmacy.

It should be noted that although pharmaceutical drugs are safe, is to read the instructions carefully and consult with your doctor prior to consumption. This article offers a review of basic pharmacy drugs in bodybuilding, including the list of essential medicines, as well as information about their meaning and effect on the organism of sportsmen. Do not forget that every drug has its side effects and contraindications.

1. Asparkam
Asparcam is composed of potassium and magnesium in a form that allows them to absorb by the body easily and painlessly. These substances contribute to the effective regulation of processes of metabolism. Basically, asparkam used by athletes who wish to lose weight quickly. In addition, asparkam helps to prevent cramps and facilitates training in hot conditions. Typically, this drug is available in tablet form, the order of administration and dosage can be found in the instructions. The pills should be planned for the morning and afternoon as in the evening the body does not absorb magnesium and calcium.

2. Riboxinum
Riboxin is a stimulant biochemical processes, it has a positive effect on the heart of an athlete. This drug has anti-arrhythmic, anabolic and other beneficial effects. Increasing the force of heart contractions, it helps increase the stroke volume. Riboxinum, in General, improves blood circulation and coronary blood flow. In the use of Riboxin is possible to observe the improvement of energy metabolism, activity of many enzymes and metabolic processes in the myocardium. Another positive effect of this drug is the improvement in the regeneration of muscle tissue. But, despite all its positive qualities, riboxinum bad as the reducing agent, for this reason it is recommended to take in combination with potassium oratam acting as a kind of amplifier.

Supplements for fitness training3. Potassium orotate
This tool belongs to the category of metabolic. Potassium orotate stimulates endogenous biochemical processes. You can buy it in pharmacies without prescription and is most often available in tablet form. Dosage for bodybuilders is in the range of 1.5-2 grams per day. In principle, potassium orotate is a mineral salt found in the cells of any living organism. The positive effects could be attributed to the strengthening of the cardiovascular athlete and overall anabolic effect that enables quick recovery after workouts. In addition, there is an increase in urine output (hatchability fluid from the body) and improvement of appetite. But we should not overestimate the positive effect of potassium orotate for bodybuilders, the effect is not so strong. On the other hand, the athlete who take this drug will experience problems with poor tolerability and side effects.

4. Mildronate
Here everything is simple – the tool is intended to enhance the efficiency of the bodybuilder and to compensate for the existence of mental and physical stress. Mildronate adjusts the metabolism, regulates cellular immunity and acts as cardioprotector. Mildronate should be taken in dose of 15-20 mg per kg of body weight, but it is strongly recommended to ask the advice of a doctor.

5. Agapurin
It is also possible the name "Pentoxifylline" and "Trental". Available in tablet form and has a low cost. This drug need separately, because its main task is to increase the tone of blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity and increasing blood flow. This is a great way to train when there comes a feeling of maximum pump working muscles. Use agapurin mainly experienced bodybuilders, and approach the reception should be cautious, as this means in addition to positive impacts in violation of the instructions may cause different negative points.

6. Leuzea (maral root)
This is a plant that grows in Eastern and Western Siberia, in Middle Asia and the Altai mountains, contains phytoeciini – steroidal compound with pronounced anabolic properties. In the body of the athlete leuzea enhances the synthesis of proteins and their accumulation in muscles, heart, liver and kidneys. Using this drug can significantly increase physical endurance and intellectual capacity. Prolonged use of leuzea leads to expansion of vascular bed and, in turn, improve overall circulation. Heart rate decreases. On the basis of Rhaponticum produce such dietary Supplement, as "Leuzea-P". In one pill "Leuzea-P" contains approximately of 0.85 mg of Ecdysten, additives which are in sports shops from 700 to 1800 rubles.

7. The Manchurian aralia
This drug has the potential to cause significant reduction in blood sugar (hypoglycemia), that the value exceeds the hypoglycemia caused by other RA-adaptogens. As a result of hypoglycemia in this case is the release of growth hormone, the use of Manchurian aralia achieve a significant overall anabolic effect with weight gain and increased appetite. The plant has stimulating properties and enhances anabolism. Tincture of aralia can be purchased from any pharmacy. Take it should be 2O-30 drops, morning and an hour before training.

8. Vitamin complexes
Vitamins should be used in combination or each vitamin separately. Among the most popular complexes "Komplevit", which is taken 3 times a day, which is one tablet after meals. If you take vitamins, the first thing you need to pay attention to such as:

Pharmacy drugs for athletesB1 (Thiamine). Regulates the major systems of the body: cardiovascular, nervous and digestive, as well as affects growth and energy balance. Lack of thiamine is expressed in irritability, fatigue, lack of appetite and associated ailments.

B12 (Cyanocobalamin). Increases the synthesis and accumulation of proteins, has a strong anabolic effect.

B6 (Pyridoxine). Very important in metabolism and normal functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
The b vitamins are injectable, they are sold in 1 ml ampoules with a concentration of 5%. You cannot enter the vitamins together, the first day of the body should receive one vitamin, the next second, on the third day – the third repetition of the cycle. Injections are performed using a 2-or 5-cube syringes intramuscularly, besides B1 and B6 are quite painful, so you need to be ready for the discomfort.

9. Diabeton MV
From the number of freely selling drugs diabeton MV, probably the most strong anabolic properties. In medicine this product is used for the stimulation of the pancreas in the treatment of diabetes. In bodybuilding same diabeton MV is applied in order to maintain a high level of anabolism in the offseason. Force equal to the force of insulin injections and the total impact can be compared with what produces methandrostenolone. Also a great tool for those who want to gain weight fast. Available diabeton MV in tablets of 30 mg. At the beginning should take no more than 3 grams a day if tolerability is normal, in the next course (average course lasts 4-6 weeks) acceptable dosage can be 60 grams per day. Diabeton MV incompatible with other drugs.

To adopt the means recommended 1 times a day – with Breakfast in the morning. Anabolic effect of Gliclazide is based on the stimulation of insulin production, one of the major anabolic hormones. That all was well when taking this drug you need to eat at least 6 times a day, with the need to reduce the amount of fat in favor of protein foods. Also the reception can't be combined with diet, as it increases the risk of side effects. To them in the first place is the aforementioned hypoglycemia, which in this case is only negative.

10. Tamoxifen
In bodybuilding tamoxifen use in order to increase the level of testosterone in the body, and in fact he is the anti-estrogen. The ascent in testosterone levels is accomplished by blocking estrogen. For maximum effect, this drug is best to combine with others. Given that tamoxifen takes a long time to get down to work, the course must be at least 6-8 weeks.

11. Calcium glycerophosphate
In medicine calcium glycerophosphate is used in the treatment of rickets malnutrition and overwork. This drug speeds up the protein digestion and metabolism. When you receive this tool greatly increases the appetite, so consumption of fatty foods should be limited. Instead, in the diet to include more foods containing protein. The glycerophosphate is well suited for the preparation of courses in the health food store it has no analogues. For this drug the dosage is approximately 100 mg per 8 kg of body weight.

12. Saltos
Great for burning fat (the analogue of clenbuterol). You can buy it in pharmacies without prescription. The effect of the saltos is the following: it increases body temperature by 1 degree with the dosage of 3-5 tablets per day for 3 doses. An increase of 1 degree is due to the burning of fat. The possible minor side effect in the form of shaky hands and nervousness. With its fat burning effect saltos significantly superior to most of sports products for fat burning.

13. Trimetazidine
Trimetazidine with properties very similar to the popular drug Mildronate, that's just the cost of the first is much lower. This drug promotes better oxygen supply of cells that maintains intracellular energy, action and prevents the formation of free radicals and increases resistance to physical stress. Receiving Trimetazidine makes workouts more powerful and intense. The tool can be replaced with products containing creatine, but this replacement lacks. In addition, Trimetazidine is well combined with other drugs.

14. Vinpocetine
Vinpocetine is a medicine that corrects various circulatory disorders of the brain. The active ingredient here is apovincaminate. This drug has a direct impact on metabolism in brain tissue. Blood vessels in the brain dilate, which promotes better blood flow to its tissues. Welcome Vinpocetine increases resistance to hypoxia (oxygen starvation) activates the processes of glucose utilization and increases the rate of metabolism of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain tissues. Use of this tool leads to the decrease of the aggregation (clumping) of platelets, and therefore decrease blood viscosity.

15. Metformin
In the basis of mechanism of action of metmorfin is its ability to suppression of gluconeogenesis, the formation of free fatty acids and fat oxidation. This drug has no influence on the level of insulin, but is able to change its dynamics for the reduction relations of the free insulin and the associated increase in the ratio of proinsulin to insulin. An important role is played by the stimulation of glucose uptake by muscle cells. With the reception of metmorfin can enhance the blood circulation in the liver and accelerate the process of conversion of glucose into glycogen.

16. Pink Rhodiola (Golden root)
Rhodiola rosea grows in the Sayan mountains, Altai, the far East and Eastern Siberia. Pharmacological effects of this drug due to the presence of substances such as radialized and Rogozin. In some countries they are produced in a pure form. The main feature of the Rhodiola rosea is a powerful effect on muscle tissue. When taking Rhodiola increases strength endurance and muscular strength. At the cellular level increases the level of activity of contractile proteins such as myosin and actin. Mitochondria increase in size.