Rational balanced nutrition | Basic rules

Rational balanced nutrition | Basic rules

1.In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass(better 2) warm water(before a glass of filtered water put on a hot battery by morning the water will be warm).

2. 10 min after Breakfast (Breakfast - scrambled eggs, fried eggs, porridge, pasta is the energy for the whole day-especially flax and oatmeal porridge. To overload the stomach with sandwiches, pies ...not recommended.

3. Each time for 10-20 minutes before eating to drink a glass of water (most often, the body "begs" no food and water;after drinking water, we clean the stomach from the remnants of the previous meal).
4.Eat often,but small portions( get up from the table with a sense of light malnutrition-so the stomach will gradually shrink in size and eventually will "ask" less).

5.Break between meals 2-3h.

6.During meals drink, but not too much!It is recommended to drink plentifully about an hour.

7. Eat after 6! But!-2-3 hours before bedtime.

8. Add in the diet of more vegetables,berries,fruits (but reduce the consumption of sweet and starchy foods and is better avoided).Every day to eat at least 1 Apple!-cleanses the body of toxins and poisons.

9.There for 1-2 hours before workout(well,if it will be legkousvoyaemye carbohydrates-cereals-they give you ENERGY needed during exercise).

Nutrition sport fitness10.After training is better in half an hour, and immediately after you can drink a protein.

11.Eat animal protein(at lunch,dinner):white meat-poultry and seafood: salted fish(but not fried and smoked),caviar, chicken Eggs...(better to drink them raw,or even boil "in the nads").Pork and veal are undesirable,as they are very fatty).

12.To use vegetable protein: beans,peas,beans,NUTS( he.useful-cedar,next-walnuts,almonds...).

13.To eat fat-especially in the winter(they give the durability and performance): dairy products(better if they are rural), vegetable oil! (he.useful-FLAX(OMEGA 3),as well as mustard,hemp,sesame,pine,corn,soybean,olive,vegetable(Nerafinirovannoye) ...etc oil. Add these oils in salads instead of mayonnaise.To store oils in the refrigerator is NOT desirable(except linen).

14.Eat carbohydrates:cereals,potatoes,bakery Cup cakes.products(the lighter the bread,the less useful it is,and the more it contributes to obesity itself.useful baton mustard),pasta.product(durum wheat),cocoa,chicory,honey,jam,halva,kozinaki(especially sesame seeds).

15.It is undesirable to have 1st and 2nd dish in a row.

16.Eat boiled,stewed,steamed food. There is more usefulness.

17.To drink per day 1.5-2 liters of water(preferably filtered).

18.To minimize the consumption of tea and coffee(cons:do not give to digest protein, "plant" the sight and the heart, yellow teeth). Replace these drinks: natural cocoa, chicory (similar to coffee,but 100 times more useful),Kampot,jelly,natural juice with pulp.

19.For colds,acute respiratory disease,SARS eat fruits with vitamin C: via.currant,kiwi,citrus fruits(less junk food,protein).And to DRINK a LOT(every half-hour warm drink will recover quicker). For immunity: Echinacea,badger fat in capsules,balm PROMOTED,Shilajit. Do NOT drink antibiotics(weakens the immune system,dysfunction of the stomach and intestines).

20.Not to eat spoiled food(especially fish and mushrooms).

21.Do not eat or drink(especially hot) of disposable plastic utensils-emit poisons.

22.Try not to combine protein with lots of simple carbs: meat and bread,dumplings...).

23.For quick recovery after strenuous exercise it is recommended to use:

  • vitamins (MgB6, triavil,ascorutinum,polivitaplex,ascorbic.the....)
  • "elixir sport"(increases efficiency,based on linseed oil),
  • Talkan(barley grain) (instead of Breakfast: tea talkan 1l of milk honey)
  • bee products( honey, especially buckwheat,meadow,sunflower,pustynnikova,chestnut...-do not add in boiling water,loses all useful SV-VA),bee pollen(not before bedtime),pollen,apitok,epipetalous,poplar,..)
  • sportmen (increase of work,endurance).
  • antioxidants (slows aging process): Mor.fish-salmon,Steelhead,sturgeon; nuts - walnuts,almonds; avocado,citrus,fennel,green olives(no olives!),all berries,dried fruits,kiwi,garlic and onions...

24. To minimize,and preferably eliminate,pastry(baked goods(especially gingerbread cookies),pastries,condensed milk,candy-it's all DEAD protein).Sugar dark color (not painted) to use even useful.If drawn to sweet-eat fruit.

25.The most harmful products: sausage,mayonnaise,ketchup and all kinds of sauces,any soda,chips and crackers,fast food,alcoholic drinks,sandwiches,candy and chocolate(except bitter),ice cream.