Romanian deadlift | Technique, tips and mistakes

Romanian deadlift | Technique, tips and mistakes

The Romanian deadlift is a basic exercise that raises the total weight of the upper part of the back of the thigh, tightens and "cuts" the bottom of the buttocks and thickens the middle and upper thighs. Recommended for experienced athletes, Running after squats and leg presses, 8-12 reps in 3-4 sets.

Technique Romanian deadlifts

Remove the rod and with end stops, holding her at the hips, stand tall fully. Start slowly bend forward, keeping your back perfectly straight when you do this. When the neck barbell reaches mid-calf, stop and start the reverse movement. Watch for the head tilt. It should not ride up. The correct position is on the same axis as the spine.

This kind of deadlifts was invented by Romanian weightlifter, which in his time prevailed in weightlifting.

From the classical performance features of its reduced range (bar not fall below mid-calf). Due to this reduces the load on the lower back. You can do many reps, without the risk of injury lower spine. The Romanian deadlift allows the direct pumping of the muscles in the back of the buttocks and thighs.

However, there is a common mistake that reduces all efforts to nothing. Beginners often omit the barbell perpendicular to the floor. While it needs as much as possible to squeeze feet. This allows you to redirect the load from the lower back to target the muscles of the legs.