Tasha Star

Tasha Star

This Canadian-born beauty definitely delivers. She is a combination of toughness and sexiness, and her personality shines through in everything she does. For a long time, bikini competitors haven’t been taken as seriously as athletes, but Star crushes those myths and proves bikini girls are a force to be reckoned with. We took her to one of the most hardcore weight rooms in the world, Metroflex Gym in Long Beach. Her warm-up was swinging hammers, flipping tires, and heavy squats. Without batting an eyelash, she confidently walked through the throng of bodybuilders to get to the free weights. She didn’t just belong in this gym, she owned this gym.

Tasha Star hopes to earn her Pro Card by the end of 2014 by continuing on her rise through the bikini competitions and continuing to work hard in the gym and eat healthy. She has over 126,000 followers on her instagram page and continues to motivate all her fans daily with other amazing workout videos like the ones below!

You can see her energy shine through in every photo.

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Fitness Model Tasha Star

Tasha Star Instagram photos

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