Three facts about the shoulders

Three facts about the shoulders.

1. The deltoid muscle is the least prone to fouling by oil. To make your shoulders a relief easier. If after the following complexes are your deltas still don't ripple as we would like, start to get rid of extra pounds.

2. Perhaps now you find it hard to scratch themselves between the shoulders, but at the moment of birth you'd be easily coped with this task. The mobility of your shoulder joints at that time was almost a circus. To restore to them given the nature of the flexibility, perform circular rotation of hands before training and take the muscles of the shoulders after it.

3. Shoulder joints are the most unstable of all. That is why their injuries are so common. The best injury prevention of the shoulders is the perfect technique of the bench press: keep your shoulder blades together throughout the approach.

Best complexes for deltoid muscle

Deltoid work when training any of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, and especially wide chest. Exercises with the deltas immediately after training these muscle groups will increase the total presence of deltoid under load, which means only one thing — their better growth.
Execution: do 2 sets of 10 repetitions of dumbbell bench press and dumbbell lifts in front of him. Then do 2 sets of 8 repetitions of high-speed routing and finish the workout with two sets of 8 repetitions routing in the slope and the Cuban press. Rest between sets is 45 seconds. Do this complex once a week after training chest or widest.


Circuit training includes a combination of exercises on the Delta, and the large muscles of the body, has a beneficial effect on the heart and burn extra calories, but also save your time.
Execution: as a General workout do 1 set of push press, bench press or dumbbell bench press barbell incline. Without resting, change the position and do 1 set of squats. Then immediately do a high-speed routing, diversion on the block or wiring in the tilt by aligning the selected exercise with a set of lunges. This is one circle. Complete 3 of these, resting between them. Do 8-10 repetitions with each circle and change the options of the same type of exercises.


Use this property if your shoulders are already being felt. Thanks to the low intensity it can help you to recover after injuries.

Implementation: twice a week do dumbbell bench press, lifts dumbbells in front, wiring in the tilt and the Cuban press. For each exercise must have 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions, rest allowed.