What are vitamins? It is a necessary component of nutrition bodybuilder, as protein, carbohydrates and fats. By themselves vitamins can serve as plastic material for the growth of muscle cells. Nor are they a carrier of biological energy. It would seem that this is enough bodybuilders put vitamins on the cross due to their sheer futility. But no, vitamins are part of any protein or carbohydrate blend for athletes power profile. Moreover, the rights of the mandatory element. What is the matter? Are you familiar with the role of spark plugs in the engine of a modern car? Now, vitamins for your body - it's about the same! Without vitamins you absorb proteins and carbohydrates would have remained dead organic raw materials! Vitamins launch and support important physiological processes in the body, primarily protein synthesis and energy metabolism. They are amazingly active! Our bodies provide a few thousandths of a gram of these extraordinary substances. According to scientists, his existence, man must the vitamins, hence the name, derived from the ancient "Vita" meaning "life".

Kinds of vitamins

All the vitamins are divided into two groups: water soluble and fat soluble. Last (A, D, E and K) accumulate in the fat cells of the body. This means that there is no need to consume them from food daily. If a deficit it will be covered from available stocks. Oddly enough, this circumstance creates certain difficulties. If you eat foods that contain these vitamins, regular basis, it is possible oversaturation of the organism and subsequent intoxication with severe consequences. Other vitamins dissolve in water. These include b vitamins, folic acid, Biotin, etc. the Ability of these bioactive compounds to dissolve in the water played with the man a malicious joke. They all, practically, are not able to stored in fat cells for future use. And because the man was a slave to hard need to take them with food daily. If this is not possible, he is doomed, like the ancient mariners, many of whom died in their months-long voyages, not knowing that the greens would be for them salvation.

The main issues

So, vitamins are extremely important. From this fundamental situation arise at least three questions:

Do strength exercises increased consumption of vitamins by the body?
Should bodybuilders take vitamins in excess of the calculated medical standards?
Will the additional intake of vitamins in enhancing growth of muscle "mass"?
To all these questions one answer: Yes! Here is a list of the 10 most important vitamins that can truly be called "superstars" of bodybuilding. After all, whatever one thinks about himself glorified the Champions, that vitamins exhibit on the competition catwalks its unprecedented power.

list of the 10 most important vitamins that can truly be called "superstars" of bodybuilding

10. Cobalamin (vitamin B12)

The main importance of this vitamin for bodybuilders is that it directly affects muscle growth, as it participates in the processes of protein metabolism and amino acid synthesis. In addition, it activates the energy exchange in the body. It is also important that it supports the activity of nerve cells of the spinal cord, through which the overall management of the musculature of the body. Vitamin found only in animal products such as liver, beef, chicken, eggs, cheese, fish. According to some nutritionists, consumption of white bread, especially yeast, impairs absorption of vitamin B12. That's why bodybuilders are recommended to eat only non-yeast bread, or even go on bread and cereals.

9. Biotin (vitamin H)

This vitamin plays a huge role in the metabolism of amino acids and in the processes that provide the muscles with energy. Often Biotin deficiency causes slow growth of muscle "mass". A lack of vitamin a may occur due to common among bodybuilders traditionally eat eggs raw. In the human intestine Biotin binds with another compound of egg protein - Abidan. Eventually formed an indigestible compound, which denies the intake of Biotin of any meaning.

Although the reception of raw egg white and is considered among bodybuilders more effective, however, is to refuse not only because of blocking vitamin N. Raw eggs carry the risk of serious intestinal diseases - salmonellosis.

8. Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

Between the muscle volume and the absorption of vitamin B2 scientists noted a steady connection. This is explained by the participation of Riboflavin in protein metabolism. Studies have shown that training in any sport cause an increased consumption of vitamin B2. In this regard, professional athletes definitely take it further. Excellent source of Riboflavin are eggs, liver, buckwheat, oatmeal.

7. Vitamin A

This vitamin is especially important for bodybuilders, because it participates in the process of creating new muscle cells. It is clear that the deficit can be reduced to zero post-workout recovery. Second, vitamin a determines the rate and amount of glycogen formation in the body. Thus, it not only affects the density of the muscles and their extent, but also the potential ability of a bodybuilder to high-intensity, requiring large energy consumption, training. A huge problem is the fact that the vitamin is well absorbed only in its natural form. Tablets and capsules help a little. However, today, in this age of canned and stored products for a long time, get the daily requirement of vitamin A along with the food, almost impossible. This is because vitamin a is easily destroyed in the air, under the action of sunlight and acids. That's because for a bodybuilder must deliberate enrichment diet products with a high content of vitamin A: liver, cream, cheese, fish oil.

6. Vitamin E

Higher doses of vitamin E are widely used in modern sport in times of shock training. This is due to the ability of vitamin E to regulate muscle activity, preventing fatigue. At the same time vitamin E acts as an important regulator of protein metabolism in muscles and affects the normal functioning of the gonads. Those, in turn, provide uninterrupted bodybuilder the most important hormone - testosterone.

5. Niacin (vitamin EOI)

This vitamin is involved in 60 metabolic processes aimed at energy recovery. If earlier it was considered that the additional intake of Niacin for bodybuilder mandatory, today opinion has changed. It turns out that in the case of a severe lack of Niacin in the body is able to synthesize it from the amino acid tryptophan. When Niacin in the form of the drug "Niacin" used by professionals on the eve of the show. Loading dose of the drug shows the blood vessels, and because the competitor looks more relief. Taking Niacin in large doses (50-100 mg) during the precompetitive training impossible. This vitamin blocks and stops almost completely "burning" fat.

4. Vitamin D

Vitamin d in the body is the absorption of calcium and phosphorus - two minerals essential for muscle contraction. Lack of vitamin D can result in decreased strength and endurance. Interestingly, to form vitamin D in the body may independently under the action of the skin to sunlight, mainly the ultraviolet spectrum. That's why moderate stay on the beach leads to increased physical vitality. Studies have shown that artificial irradiation weightlifters ultraviolet light in the Solarium leads to the results increase by 4-5%.

3. Thiamin (vitamin B1)

This vitamin is desperately important to bodybuilders, as it depends entirely on carbohydrate metabolism. If thiamine in the body is missing carbohydrates are eaten are not absorbed. Moreover, the body accumulates toxic intermediate products of carbohydrate metabolism is lactic and pyruvic acid.

2. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)

Athletes have increased need for pyridoxine, since it is involved in all processes of growth of protein tissue, especially in muscles.

The best sources of vitamin natural. These include brewer's yeast, liver, cheese, cabbage, potatoes, peas, buckwheat.

1. Vitamin C

This vitamin is the "king" muscle "mass". It is from vitamin C affects the absorption of dietary protein and subsequent synthesis of new protein structures, in particular in the muscles. Vitamin C is a powerful stimulator of muscle anabolism. However, bodybuilders take it carefully. This vitamin is synthesized by body itself. Excessive intake of vitamin C from food can block your own production of vitamin about the way it happens with sex hormone when taking artificial hormones - steroids.