What is testosterone and how to increase it naturally?

Give the definition of testosterone – is main male hormone that causes the muscles to grow on the body. In the female body also contains this hormone, but in small quantities.

The main advantages of testosterone:

- increase energy;

- increase in sexual opportunities;

- prevention of heart disease;

- improves the General physical condition of the body, increasing muscle mass and strengthening bones;

At this point I wish to digress and tell you about how I found out about the testosterone. A few years ago, when I first came to the gym, already knew what to do just the base to get rid of the "bare bones". Literally after 3-4 months the base I found that the hair on my body became much larger, and the hairdresser I started going more than once in two months, and every month. This has me slightly alarmed and I turned to my doctor who told me that this is all due to increased testosterone levels and blood ( basic exercises stimulate the production of testosterone). So, if you want to increase your testosterone – prepare razor.

So, let's look at some techniques that will help you to increase testosterone level in the blood.

Nutrition sport fitness1. Should consume more healthy fats, Yes, you heard right it is fat. Clinical studies in recent years have proven their influence on high levels of testosterone in the blood. Products with a high content of healthy fats: Flaxseed oil, peanut oil, salmon, olive oil, nuts, red meat, milk, avocado, egg yolks.

2. Eat more zinc! Zinc will naturally prevent that, that your body turn testosterone into estrogen (the female hormone, is very harmful for athletes). Moreover, zinc can help to turn the estrogen that is already in your body, testosterone. Products with a high content of zinc: cheese, brown rice, poultry, meat, Turkey, etc. you can also take zinc separately in capsules (you can buy at any pharmacy).

3. A healthy sleep. Science has already proven that people who sleep well, the levels of testosterone much higher than those who are not sleeping well. Normal sleep should last from 7 to 9 hours. Poor sleep can reduce your testosterone by 40%.

4. Eat more ascorbic acid ( vitamin C). In its properties, vitamin C is very similar to the zinc, prevents formation of estrogen. This vitamin is contained in any comprehensive vitamins that You can buy in any pharmacy.

5. The maximum of the training. As I mentioned above, basic exercises (squat, deadlift, bench press) can significantly increase your level of testosterone in the blood.

6. Forget about alcohol. The worst enemy of any athlete. Bluing reduces the body's ability to suppress estrogen, therefore, the level of testosterone drops sharply (have You ever noticed that men who prefer beer, there is always a wide pelvis, big belly and narrow shoulders?) As with alcohol, from the body naturally excreted zinc.

7. Avoid grapefruit. Oddly funny, but the representative of the citrus affects the human body, like alcohol, only does not cause intoxication. And so the extra estrogen.

8. Eat more vitamins A, b, E. the Necessary vitamins that stimulate the production of testosterone. Balanced diet prepared by a professional is certainly good, but multivitamin containing vitamins a,b,E will be very useful.

9. Get rid of excess weight. Excess fat on your body suppresses the production of testosterone and stimulates the production of estrogen. If Your weight is 30 percent higher than Your normal weight, you can safely throw away the thoughts out of my head, about the high level of testosterone.

10. Eat more vegetables. Such vegetables as turnips, cabbage, broccoli and others can greatly reduce levels of the female hormone, estrogen, in the blood.