Workout for Mass, 6 tips

Workout for Mass, 6 tips

1) To grow muscle, you need to become stronger!

If you want to become more, you have to become stronger. To become stronger, you need to keep a log of your workouts, record your weight and ensure that they grow steadily. Not necessarily to add weight every workout. But dealing with one weight, you won't gain significant amounts of muscle.

No super sets, drop sets, strip sets, complexes and fancy training techniques will not be able to replace the simple progression of scales.

2) Use the basic (compound) exercises.

A composite involving several joints exercises, doing that you can take more weight will be more effective than any other exercises. Such exercises include: Squat deadlift Pull-up Output Push-UPS on the bars/rings Military shoulderpress (barbell or dumbbells) Push-UPS (with weight on the rings, etc.) Pushups standing on hands Bench press (with barbell or dumbbells, on a straight bench or incline) Pull the tilt Movement with a weight (“walk the farm”).

3) train with free weights.

Trainers may be more experienced and older bodybuilders, I think... But if you really want to acquire muscle, the most of your training should be exercises with free weights and exercises that are weight bearing additional load. Such exercises create a higher level of neuromuscular activation and facilitating rapid growth of strength and muscle mass. Instead of leg press do a squat or push sled Instead of trainers for triceps do dips with weight, push-UPS in handstand or push-UPS with additional load (hands close to each other ).
Instead of bench press in the Smith, do a bench press with a barbell or dumbbells, military press, etc.

4) Train 3-4 times a week

If you want to gain muscle quickly, you should do 3-4 intense workouts per week. And you have 1-3 times a week to push clady or do sprints uphill. And the days drag on and work on mobility. Rest is very important for your muscles, but you should not be afraid of the workouts and think that if once again go to the hall, peretrudites and die. Our body is very resilient and adapts quickly.

5) do Not exercise for longer than 60-90 minutes.

Even though I believe in frequent training, I also think that training should be short. Short and frequent workouts give better results than long and rare. If you in a gym spend more hours you hang out alone and not trained. When you start to do, your body reacts to the elaboration of a substantially large number of testosterone. It is believed that after 60 minutes of exercise the level of this hormone begins to return to its normal value, and after 6 minutes your body begins to produce less test of the jail, and more cortisol, and this hormone consumes muscle fibers and leads to the accumulation of fat. To grow muscle at maximum speed, try to spend in the hall no more than an hour at a time. if you still need to work on more (running, Boxing gym, etc.), it is better to go back to the gym in a couple hours. Often two 30-minute workouts better than one hour. And by the same logic, four 15-minute better of two 30 minute.

6) don't train to failure if you train without chemistry.

You don't need to bring the approach up to the moment when the last repetition you can not finish yourself and you need help insuring. Bring to failure immerses your nervous system and you are weak, and do not become stronger. It also increases the time required for recovery between workouts. So always finish the approach with a minimum of 1-2 reps in reserve, perfect technique and good speed; in other words, don't squeeze yourself from past approaches. Fast and strongly.