Dietary Supplements: Branched chain Amino acids "BCAA"

Dietary Supplements: Branched chain Amino acids "BCAA"

BCAA - Branched-chain amino acids in the complex consists of three kinds of amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, the body cannot synthesize BCAA on their own, but they can be obtained from the diet or from supplements.

BCAA is one of the main materials for building new muscle, these amino acids are involved in the process of anabolism and recovery of muscle tissue, so BCAA have a strong anti-catabolic effect.

BCAA amino acids have quite large evidence base, after repeated research scientists came to the conclusion that the effectiveness of BCAA are superior to most sports supplements. In addition, the branched-chain amino acids is absolutely safe for health and do not have any side effects, as it is a natural food component.

Basic steps proven BCAA amino acids:

  • Protects against muscle breakdown
  • Will help to increase the amount of lean muscle mass
  • Will help increase strength
  • Helps to reduce body fat

The branched chain amino acids simultaneously perform several useful actions, consequently it may be used as in the recruitment of muscle mass, and drying of the muscles.

When and how much to take BCAA

While muscle building is most effective to take BCAA before and after workout (5-20 Gy), and you can also take the morning (5-10 g), in order to prevent catabolism. During the drying of the muscles of the branched-chain amino acids can be taken a little more often: before training and immediately after training (5-20 Gy), after sleep (5-10 g) in between meals (5 grams), all of it in order to suppress catabolism, maintain muscle mass and to reduce appetite.