During exercise, the calf muscles are possible different situations in which muscles can be traumatic. You should know a few rules and abide by them so that your classes are going good, not harm.

Fitness training programTo ensure of risk of injury at maximum load and the calf, do the exercise slowly or at a moderate speed.

All exercises should be performed not continuously but only in cases of full recovery of the muscles(calf muscles 2 times a week).

Fundamentally important to the relatively small amplitude of the exercise. This movement develops strength and "mass" of the calf it is at a reduced amplitude.

Be sure to hold your breath in the positive phase of the movement and try to focus on the sensations in the calf. Exhale in a negative phase, while controlling the movement.

Exercises on the gastrocnemius muscle.

Exercises for calf muscles are different. You can perform exercises that are performed in the gym or simple, but no less effective exercises that you can perform at home. In the article I dismantled both types of exercises.

Exercises for the home.

1. Climb high on his toes and go forward in small steps, almost without bending his legs at the knees. Make 50-80 steps.

2. Stand straight with heels together, toes apart. On "time" rise to the socks, on "two" a little sit down, knees apart, on three climb even higher on his toes, "four" will descend on all foot. Repeat 20-30 times, from time to time relaxing the muscles of the legs.

3. If you have a real bike, try to ride it, your legs will gain a wonderful form. If bike there, ask someone from relatives to help you. Lie on your back, extend hands along a trunk palms down. Lift your legs up, bending them at the knees. Your assistant gets up to face you and rests your palms to your soles. Now do the movement as riding a bike, and your assistant should you create resistance.

4. Feet together, slightly bent in knees, hands put on knees. Follow rotational motion of the feet to the right, then the same to the left side, for 16 times each.

5. Lie on a Mat on your back, hands lay behind his head, legs, pull. Slowly bend your knees, tighten them to the stomach. Straighten your legs, hold them for a few seconds at a right angle to the body, slowly lower. Repeat 6-8 times.

6. Lie on your stomach, put your face on the hands, legs, pull. Slowly bend feet in knees so that your feet touch the buttocks, and then slowly straighten. The same exercise can be performed to the music alternately then right, then left foot and then both at once.

7. Get down on your haunches, put the palms on the floor. Straighten up, stand on full feet. Without bending the legs, bend forward trying to touch hands to toes. Straighten up.

8. Stand up straight, put hands on hips, shoulders back. Slowly pull to the side of the left leg and hold in this position without straining, 10-15 seconds. This exercise can be complicated, putting his foot delayed foot-to-knee support and slowly raising his hands to the sides and up.

9. Stand straight with hands on waist. Jumping on his toes in place and move forward, backwards, sideways. Repeat jumping 100 times.

10. Lie on your right side, lean on the hand. The foot of the right leg pull to the left thigh. Pull your left leg, raise as high as possible, hold and slowly lower.

Then change sides. Repeat 10 times each leg

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