Fitness training program: The 5x5 method

Fitness training program: The 5x5 method

The 5x5 method is the most well-known training Protocol and is considered one of the most effective for the growth of power of the athlete. At the same time it is one of the most simple training techniques. And all simple is genius. The authorship of this technique is usually credited to Reg Park.

From the point of view of physiology, exercises performed on 5x5 scheme, the most efficiently trained kreatinfosfata capacity muscle mass, which increases the myofibrils of muscle cells. Thus, the increase in strength by this technique is due to the myofibrillar muscle hypertrophy (this is the most typical reason for the growth of power; however, power index can be trained and at the expense of other qualities that are not related to the muscles, and hence to their growth). This is a popular program because it solves two problems – increases strength and increases weight.

What is the technique?

The Protocol of 5x5 means five reps in five sets (sets). However, the scheme of distribution of sets and reps specialists interpreted in different ways. In particular, some sources we are talking about five working approaches with the same weight, in others, two lead and three working approaches with a certain weight. Lead approaches are somewhere in between warm-up and work. The second kind of 5x5 program would be more organic for hardgainers, for which 5 powerful approaches is the excessive testing, leading to overtraining. Consider in more detail option of this program suitable for hardgainers.

In particular, this variation of the 5x5 program presented in the book "Technology of modern bodybuilding" (1992). The author (P. cat) recommends the following distribution of the starting weights:

1 approach (entrance) – 65% of your maximum (1 RM),
2 the approach (entrance) – 80%,
Approach 3 (working) – 88%,
4 approach (operating) – 88%
5 approach (operating) – 88%.

It is believed that the maximum weight with which you can perform 5 reps and no more corresponds to 90% of 1 REP max. However, given the fact that from Seth to Seth accumulated fatigue, work weight, as you can see, the smaller this value.

Stay in the working approaches – 3-4 minutes.

Please note that first we need to know their maximum values (1 RM) exercise.

The progression of the load: if during the first training the weight corresponding to 88% of 1 REP max, taken in all the working approaches of five repetitions, the weights increase by a certain number of pounds. The aim is to overcome new weight according to the scheme. If the weight increase by 2.5 or 5 kg, then, of course, to reach the goal for one lesson will not succeed. So with the new weight have to work one lesson, until you get him five times in the three working approaches. In order not to stagnate with the same weight, S. Macrobert recommends increasing the weights on the minimum possible number of kilograms (for example, 0.5 kg).

Traditionally it is considered that the scheme should work for 2-3 months. Further, the use of less effective progress in the weights to become hard. In this situation, you should switch to another mode of training — with smaller working weights (e.g., the Protocol 3?8 — three sets of eight reps) or work with large weights (e.g., 10x1 — ten to one repetition).

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How to use it?

The 5x5 Protocol is used for basic exercises in the most simple software systems. Classics is the backbone of the program:


The bench press

Squats with bar on shoulders

Depending on body type, speed recovery, genetic predisposition, goals and other factors, the backbone is maintained individually by adding other exercises. At the same time for hardgainers like this training complex can be sufficient.

Moreover, D. Pitts, a supporter of sverhzaryadnogo training, offers such a scheme of classes:

Workout 1 (Monday)
bench press: 5x5

Workout 2 (Thursday)
squat: 5x5.

The experience of professionals

There is also another less traditional option program for the 5x5 Protocol, which is designed for professional athletes (lifters), which microsclerotia within a week of alternating heavy and light workouts:

Deadlift (heavy training)
Bench press (light training)

Bench press (weight training)
Squat (light training)

Squats (heavy training)
Deadlift (light exercise).

The distribution of heavy and light workouts in the week may be different. Thus, according to A. Faleev ("Strength training. Get rid of mistakes", 2016), the weekly microcycle would be:

Squat (heavy training)

Bench press (weight training)

Deadlift (heavy training)

Squats (light training)
Bench press (light exercise).

Deadlift is only performed once a week in serious style.

In the days of light weight training work is typically 60-80% of the working weights on the bad days. The number of repetitions – 5.