Quick guide for beginners and not only

When was the last time you heard someone say: "Look what this guy deltoid"? Let's face, shoulders have never been considered as one of the "spectacular" muscle groups - this status has long been reserved for chest, biceps and abdominal muscles.

So, I may say, tradition confuses many novice bodybuilders from the true path, not allowing them to pay due attention to the basic principles of effective training "deltas". To develop an effective program that can make you wider shoulders and give you the coveted V-shape, you first need to adopt the six rules below. Having built in accordance with the training process, you will open up your shoulders a new and very wide (in all senses) horizons.

1. Understand the anatomy of their shoulders

Remember, lads, the chauffeur should know the device by heart motor, a gynecologist - you know what, as a bodybuilder - muscles. In this sense, the pumping of the shoulders begins with the anatomical Atlas. So, what do we see? Delta consists of three beams: front, middle and rear. Back from nature the biggest. Any comments? Each bundle requires a special exercise. This time. The rear beam need to pay more attention. That's two. Delta resting in one of the most difficult (and therefore fragile) joints of the body.

So, train them with extreme weights is impossible. That's three. Well and notes. Recoil give complex composed of exercises for all beams, with particular emphasis on the rear.

2. Start with complex exercises

Here's a picture of relativistic physics. Two particles meet and "clumped" into one. How much does she weigh? Less than each individually. Where are all the rest? This no one knows. Similarly, the laws of formal logic do not work in bodybuilding. You "bomb" each bundle is isolated exercise for the ruble. Stack and get... a penny.

Externally, the logical solution to work out front bundles lifts hands in front of him, medium - dilutions to the sides and back - dilutions in the slope eventually gives zilch. It is necessary to rely on serious basic barbell presses or heavy dumbbells. Yes, in parallel with the deltas here are triceps, chest and top of a trapezoid, but only in connection with other muscles of the Delta, the most extensive and profound nervous stimulation.

As a beginner to distinguish "serious" basic exercises from "frivolous"? In the basic always works two or more joints. For example, in presses - shoulder and elbow, but in the lifts (forward, through the sides and in the slope) - only shoulder. (See section "Integrated and isolation exercises on the Delta").

3. Include isolated exercises

Isolated exercises should not be considered absolutely worthless. They are suitable for pulling in one or another weak muscle bundle or a conscious emphasis on a beam. In favor of isolated exercises there is another, more important reason. It is known that the muscle grows a large amount of training. Is there powerlifters: jerked once and went home. The bodybuilder need a lot of repetitions, many sets. Meanwhile, this mode is frankly dangerous for the joints. In isolated exercises, you can easily "cheat" a large amount of training, no fraying of the shoulder joints critical weights. For example, beginners entire program may consist of 2-4 sets of presses and 2-4 sets of dilutions to the sides in the slope. With higher levels of fitness the volume can be increased: 2-4 Seth presses, 1-2 Seth dilutions in side and 2-4 Seth dilutions in the slope. The "classic" scheme is as follows: first the presses, then another 3-4 exercises on all the bunches in 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Presses should go first. It is a Holy. But "stuck" on the same order of isolated exercise is not necessary. It is better to rearrange them. For example, one workout you start with the front beam, on the other - from the rear, and the third from the middle. This "rotation" does not give "advantages" to either one of them. Otherwise, more will be the one that you shake first.

4. How often should I train shoulders?

The problem is that the shoulders are involved in many exercises for other muscle groups. So the total load that fell to their share for the weekly cycle of training can easily be excessive. Let's take a simple example: training the chest. Here are some solid presses are directly loaded front beam deltas. And what? It turns out we need to post on different days chest and Delta? No, for beginners, the best solution will be, conversely, to combine the Delta and chest one workout. As already mentioned, exercise is on the chest pretty loaded and deltoid. It is reasonable to seize the moment and immediately warmed to load Delta. By using this approach, the deltas will have more time to rest. If you do decide to post the chest and shoulders on different days of the week, in any case, don't train shoulders the day before chest workout or the next day after it. In other words, your Delta should not work two days in a row.

5. Diversity training is the key to success

Following the above rules, you will significantly increase your chances to develop the deltoid following the example of Champions. In fact, they all went in the same way. Something new here to invent difficult. If your training program Delta it still doesn't bring the desired result, you need to adjust it. Here one of two things: either you're overloading the Delta, or nedorogaya. There is no third. Overload is easy to diagnose. Usually it is part of an overall stagnation of productivity when you "break", there is no drive, poor sleep and appetite. Well, if the mood of combat, begin to gradually add intensity. Otherwise, don't touch anything, but in the presses, add weight, and the number of iterations will decrease. And helpers call a friend. The fact is that sometimes we cannot develop in the present presses power because of a subconscious fear of dropping the weight on your head. Insurance soothes and provides focus.

6. the Choice of weapons

Shoulders to a greater degree than any other body part, require irreproachable technology implementation for each iteration. Small and deltoid muscle, rotating the shoulder out, very easily hurt, and with damaged shoulder training everything you have above the belt, will go down the drain. Proper technique is the basis of fundamentals. But besides that, there are individual characteristics of the shoulder joints. First try or that movement with minimum weight and listen: suddenly in the shoulder will be a pain? If so, drop the exercise. It's not worth the risk. And in General, the main safety rule in bodybuilding says: avoid any "inconvenient" exercises. If somewhere something not so, draws, keeps, tunic, etc., better than not being stubborn. Not and do not! Essential exercises there. You need those who as if created for you.

Fitness training program BROADEN SHOULDERS

Comprehensive and otnositelnye exercises


Bench press standing or sitting
Bench press behind the head (sitting or standing)
Dumbbell bench press (seated or standing)
Bench press in the simulator
Bench press Smith machine


In front of the Delta

  • Lift the barbell in front of him
  • Lift the dumbbells in front of him
  • The climb before them on the block
  • Rise in front of him in the simulator

On average Delta

  • Lift the dumbbells to the sides
  • Lift the dumbbells through the parties in misc. the bench
  • Lift through the sides on the blocks
  • Lift through the sides at the blocks from behind
  • Lift through the sides in the simulator

On the back of the Delta

  • Breeding dumbbells in the slope
  • Breeding dumbbells lying face down
  • Breeding in the simulator for the chest muscles
  • Breeding on the top blocks
  • Cultivation in the slope on the blocks (one or two hands)
  • Breeding in the simulator for the rear deltas