How to increase the effectiveness of the training in the gym

How to increase the effectiveness of the training in the gym

Even the most thorough physical load during training will show less than expected results if you do not observe the basic rules for training power exercises and do not pay enough attention to recovery.

Why is this necessary?

you get the best result in the shortest possible time:

  • decreases the risk of injury;
  • improves overall health;
  • providing the body with everything necessary for full recovery after exercise.

Main recommendations

1.Before the workout.Food

important – the last meal a half hour before the start of classes.
If there is no possibility for a full meal, better eat 2 banana, this fruit contains potassium needed by the muscles, part of all proteins tryptophan, which also improves the work of gastrointestinal tract and fiber.
Replace refined foods( white bread,sugar) is more useful that contain "slow" carbs and fiber(bran,bread,fermented drinks).
type in your diet soups and porridge.Soups – contribute to the digestion of coarser food, and cereals contain in its composition all the essential trace elements for effective training.

2.During exercise

Warming up the body in the form of easy Jogging or riding a stationary bike will enhance your performance in class.
No need to give full load on all muscle groups, it is better to work on individual lesson on a particular muscle group and to allow time for its recovery. Abs and back muscles can be loaded at the end of each session.
Download press for at least 15 minutes of training in several approaches and load up abdominal muscles.
Change exercises, their sequence and intensity,to avoid habituation of the organism.
Do each exercise in several approaches. Start with two or three,gradually adding the load.
To go to the sauna after a workout is recommended not earlier than in an hour. The body must rest and recover to avoid strain on the heart.
To achieve mailuseragent combine aerobics, cardio machines, and swimming.

To fix the time when performing approaches and for measuring heart rate per minute to properly distribute the load and rest, pay attention to beautiful fashion fine bracelet watch in sporty style. They are distinguished by original design, easy to use and durable case with a bracelet in different shades. It is an indispensable thing for people involved in sports and leading an active lifestyle. Give yourself a happy mood! Because this extra energy!

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3.After training. The recovery methods

Stretching on the hitch(as before,during training) prevents damage to the ligaments and tissues.
Be sure to drink 2-2,5 liters of water a day!
A cool shower or bath helps to remove accumulated lactic acid, which inhibits the muscle.
Relaxing massages.
Rest. At night - 8 hours and two days - to update each group of muscles.

Calm atmosphere at home, relax, nice music and good mood from the fact that these efforts were not in vain, will help you to relax, to be always in great form, full of energy and get everything in life the fun and excitement!