How to pump up your biceps

How to pump up your biceps

One of the most "revealing" muscle shape is formed biceps. First of all, what is the bicep? It is a small two-headed muscle attached to the radius bone and to the shoulder blade. She is responsible for the raising and bending of the arms and rotates the brush.

To thoroughly pump the biceps, you need an active movement of the elbow and shoulder joints. Begin to develop your biceps you as a child, pulling on the bar. In addition to the other benefits of pull UPS, the biceps gets a good stretch and well developed in width, which is the key to a neat round shape. But then it should be added that weight lifting is not to gain. To do this, there are other balanced set of workouts.

If Your bicep is far from perfect, and You just now imbued with the idea to make it perfect, consider the following:

Not limited by number of workouts, quality is more important! The bicep is the muscle, the approach to which should be special. It's small and increased unnecessary load responds with growth cessation and pain of the joints. Start small: of the following exercises, select any 2. For each do 2-3 sets of 8-10 repetitions. Download biceps 1 time a week, that's enough! Weight take serious, but appropriate, otherwise it will affect the technique, and she in the formation of the biceps plays a crucial role. Increase to 3-4 approaches on 15 repetitions, but every 5-6 weeks reduce the weight of the weights and the number of approaches – this will give the biceps a "breathing space", restore it and stimulates the growth of muscle.

Exercise lifting barbell while standing. Effective for mass, bicep, because pumping all the muscles, flexes the hand, making the amplification at the head of the biceps.

The bottom grip, hands shoulder-width apart. The fretboard near the hips, knees slightly bent, your back to straighten. Slowly bending the arms, raise the barbell up to shoulder level. Elbows fixed at the sides of the housing. A brief pause, and no relaxing the bicep. Slow to unfold, bringing to its original position. The housing is fixed, do not dismiss it back!

Exercise to lift dumbbells standing up. The rise of alternate, but the repetition is performed on first one arm, then the other. If to swing "hard" weight, have the opportunity to quickly achieve significant weight gain biceps.

How to pump up your biceps

Lean your free hand on something stable. The hand with the dumbbell near the hip. Hand to him. When lifting the dumbbells up, turn your hands at the same time. Bring a reversal at the top with the thumb outwards. Supination, i.e., a full rotation of the hand and forearm from the "palm down" to "hand up", completed. Hard lower arm in the reverse order.

Exercises on an inclined bench. The rise of the "hammer". The challenge is to maintain a neutral, that is, palm down, grip. Loaded lateral head of the bicep.

The incline bench does not exceed 60°. Dumbbells in a neutral grip raise up to shoulder level. At the top to enhance the tension of the biceps. The stress and then slowly lower the dumbbells. To prevent deflection of the hull back!

Exercise on the bench Scott. Well the fact that the position of the brush can't be changed. Works the short head of the biceps.

Arm with dumbbell down to the flat side of the bench, palm up. Begin to bend the elbow, bringing the dumbbell to shoulder. At the top point of the maximum strain your biceps. Slowly straighten the arm.

The exercise concentrated on the climb. A great isolation exercise. Works the short head of the biceps.

Sitting on the edge of the bench, legs spread slightly wider than shoulders. The hand with the dumbbell rests on the inner side of the thigh near the knee. Completely flattened. Begin to bend the elbow, lifting the dumbbell until it stops. At the top squeeze your biceps and return your arm to the starting position.

Relief well-developed biceps is the result of hard training, requiring a lot of effort and desire. But the end justifies the means, a great bicep will make you feel confident in the beauty of Your hands!