How to remove belly fat and straighten your back

How to remove belly fat and straighten your back

Japanese method of correction changes the appearance in five minutes a day

This simple technique developed by Japanese specialists about ten years ago. It allows you to return the skeleton in a natural position and change the shape of the body, making the waist thinner and the back is smoother. The book is a description of the methodology sold huge circulation of 6 million copies, but the wonder is placed just a few paragraphs.

Fitness training program1. Roll of towels tight cushion of a minimum length of 40 centimeters and a thickness of 7-10 cm. Roller bandages strong thread, to unwind.

2. Sit on sufficiently firm and horizontal surface (soft bed is not suitable, it is better to lie on a couch, massage table or simply a tourist on a Mat on the floor), put a folded cushion.

3. Gently fall on your back, hold the roller arms so that he was across the body under the waist – just below the navel. This is important.

4. Feet placed shoulder-width apart and "clumsily" putting the feet together so that your thumbs touch each other, and the heels were at a distance of 20-25 centimeters.

5. Winding the elongated straight arms behind your head, turn them palms down and joined together by little fingers. The pose is fairly awkward, if you find it difficult to straighten the arm fully, not scary, let them lie, as it turns out. The main thing is to keep in contact big toes and little fingers of the hands.

6. Lie in this position for 5 minutes.
If done correctly, your skeleton will begin immediately to take its natural form – and you will feel how the belly miraculously "pulled" inside the body. However, this process can be painful. If you are too difficult for them to withstand five minutes, start with a minute or two, each day increasing the time of "rest on the cushion". The results will be noticeable to others after about a month.

(!) During each session, bones and joints slightly move, so to get the towel very carefully, without sudden movements.