About Stephanie we have 3 small sentence written in one of the pieces the women the most fit on Instagram, but given that this young Austrian woman recently very active on social networks, and more a sagging Internet, particularly her seductive videos of posturing, let's think more.

23 years old Stephanie tended to the sport at an early age. Often, it is mounted on horseback, in view of athletics, ballet and gymnastics. Every day, looking at what is happening in the world of fitness, it motivates the different images or pages on the topic. On 16, he plunged into the business of something deep. It all started when she one day on the street approached an unknown photographer with a photo shoot on fitness modeling. Offer certainly interesting, but it fell on suspect Stephanie, besides, when everything was kind of load. Fortunately, the photo shoot, you can take someone with you, then nodded and the photographer has visited with her mother. The images took photos, changed, went on the internet and was a great success.

Shortly after I noticed that could potentially earn even a little money. She began to look for the Agency, but because of the height of 162 cm, he rejected one after the other. Given that some do not even receive a response and even his once one of the agencies has written off as the ugly duckling inexperienced as she could not afford to leave such an agency wide and well known. But it is generally not, he participated in the various competitions and all have created interesting collaborations that make you earn money in addition to the school.

When she was 20 years old, he began to prepare for the marathon. In addition to running outside and spent a lot of time in the gym on a conveyor belt. One day, however, he took in a fitness center "strange machine" and Chuda Stephanie correctly or did not know what to do. It was a common upper pulley on the back, and when he finally understood how to handle, it is altogether loved. Suddenly, everything went beautifully as the key in the lock and Stephanie began to strengthen. By the way, the half marathon and coughed. The disturbed more time and more people in the fitness industry and which arose spontaneously the decision to participate in the competition. Who knew her that she won and became the champion. Right now is a turning point in his career, because he has started correctly.

He prefers the buttocks of trains, arms and stomach and shape about 5-6 x a week, including a cardio workout. How many people, and she listens to music while exercising. He likes rap, but during cardio dubstep in rock and heavy metal. Her favorite song is Slaughterhouse - My Life.

The food is nothing unusual. As she says, she needs a lot of protein and carbohydrates, it has managed to build enough mass. It is 4 times per day, and among the most popular foods commonly class eggs, grains, meat, nuts, rice, potatoes and salad. As any human being, and Stephanie sometimes, especially during the off-season, the Council pomaškrti ice cream, confectionery, and there is still a pizza. Some might think that his character is too skinny, it weighs 50 kg, but such a statement would offend him probably, because she says that he would like to earn some additional hardware.

Fitness Model STEPHANIE DAVIS (@stephaniedavisfitness) Instagram photos:


Fitness Model STEPHANIE DAVIS @stephaniedavisfitness Instagram photos

Fitness Model STEPHANIE DAVIS Instagram photos



STEPHANIE DAVIS Instagram photos

Fitness Model STEPHANIE DAVIS photos

Fitness STEPHANIE DAVIS Instagram


Fitness Model STEPHANIE DAVIS photoshoot