Often we admire the forms known bodybuilders who use special techniques and exercises to isolate individual muscles. Sometimes they even claim they can control the shape, topography or contour of the muscles, making a certain number of repetitions, keeping the pace and a certain angle of inclination. Actually the muscles can do only two things: get bigger or shrink in size.

When muscles grow, the terrain becomes deeper, their natural form is becoming more apparent, new veins tend to break to the surface, allowing greater blood flow, body fat begins to stretch, thereby improving their drill. But actually all that happens is a resize. The only factor affecting the appearance of the muscles is the thickness of the fat layer that covers them.


For beginners it is best to train more often because they are unable to harm the organism so that recovery required a long period of time. In addition they grow fast and their body are ready to increase in size. Studies have shown that muscles are restored to readiness to train within 24-48 hours they need just 2-3 sets for maximum growth, and the fact that beginners are not yet able to assess the degree of regeneration of its muscles during rest. So, what makes sense for beginners - a complete separation of body loads, the program should be small in volume and should be designed to class three times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs/Sat).


Fitness training program

1. Chest

The bench press (barbell, dumbbells, simulator), a bench under a positive/negative angle (barbell, dumbbells, simulator).

2. Back

Deadlift, pull-UPS to chin level, pull-UPS with the weights, the upper thrust block, thrust in the slope (barbell, dumbbells, simulator), the thrust T of the neck.

3. Shoulders

Overhead presses (barbell, dumbbells, simulator), pull to the chin, also remember that the front of the Delta work in all presses.

4. Biceps

Pull-UPS reverse grip, pull the upper block return grip, traction in the slope of reverse grip (all kinds), also remember that you put more stress on the biceps during the execution of all rods, regardless of the grip.

5. Triceps

Pushups for triceps, bench press narrow grip (barbell, dumbbells, simulator), also remember that all kinds of presses heavily works the triceps.

6. Feet

Concentration on the buttocks/hips

Deadlift, deadlift style to sumo, deadlift on a pivot, squat with a barbell behind (below parallel), Romanian deadlift, leg press (feet in the upper position, the load on the toes), lunges (long step, the load on the heel), lifting on the platform (lifting legs to 90 degrees, the load on the toes), leg swings (using your own weight, barbell, dumbbells, simulator).

Concentration on the quads

Squats front squats back (above parallel), Hack-squats, lunges (short step, the load on the middle part of the foot), leg press (feet in a normal position, the load on the middle part of the foot), rises to the platform (lifting the leg to 45 degrees, the load on the middle part of the foot).Don't forget you get the most from the workout the lower part of your body only when you're doing squats with maximum weights.



Now we will talk about some of the wisdoms that are held by "veterans of iron". When you reach a high level of development of your body, often quite minor details can to separate you from just "good" to "excellent". A slight imbalance in symmetry is the place to be and it is worth paying attention to. This may be due to the dominance of muscles-synergists (as for example, heavily developed Delta, a visually overwhelming amount of Breasts or thighs, a person's buttocks with certain movements), or it may be simply a visual issue: with narrow clavicles requires more focus on the secondary Delta, but at small biceps, you must increase the amount of hands in General.


You see, every professional bodybuilder does its own exercise program, and you also see thousands of athletes who follow the same technique for many years and hardly look like they. This is the result of the application of individual techniques, which simulated an advanced athlete for decades and accidentally got into your training program. Remember that body awareness, control, and the amount of time that a top bodybuilder spends at your body in the gym is huge. Simply put, advanced technology designed for advanced athletes and beginners use these techniques will not make them advanced, but on the contrary will lead to stagnation.

Pull more!

The muscles, though, and look quite aesthetically pleasing, have always been designed for movement. Thus, if you want to achieve maximum strength, the best way has always been and will be the moving of weights. For 99% of both beginners and advanced lifters deadlift, squat, lying dumbbell wiring, wiring dumbbells over your head, pull dumbbells in the slope, and upgrades and lowering is all it takes to develop a fantastic physique. The combination of basic exercises will allow you to take more weight. These exercises are aimed at building all muscle groups and are the natural movements required for development of the symmetry of your body.