With the variety of different supplements sports nutrition available today for almost all, many people get lost in the choices and not know what them to stop. Some people try everything, some will opt for one or two positions. If not to regret time and to learn a little question, confusion and mistakes when choosing can be avoided.

In this review we look at one of the most popular supplements for athletes-the security forces, which is creatine. Than he has earned such popularity? Below is a list of the main reasons why you should consider including it in your diet.

1. Increase the intensity of your workout

One of the first reasons why you should try creatine is that it will help to increase overall workout intensity, thereby increasing the potential for muscle growth.

Creatine will allow you to continue to work intensively in the gym at a time when you used to have to reduce the load or stop the exercise completely. It helps build muscle faster.

Keep in mind that this additive will allow to train better, but will not replace the practice will not eliminate the need to give the muscles enough calories and protein.

2. The improvement in muscle contractions.

If you exercise, which requires concentration of force on small time intervals, e.g., bodybuilding, sprinting, throwing projectiles, you can help creatine.

This is due to the fact that supplementation with creatine increases the synthesis of components of energy used by muscle cells called ATP. These energy molecules are used only for a very short time – up to 10 seconds. This system provides energy anaerobic short sets, she will be perfect to help with strength exercises.

In any sports where is important a sharp jerk: hockey, football, jumping – all can be successfully used creatine.

3. More rapid recovery.

Creatine allows you to train more often, which means more stimulation of muscle tissue. In other words, the faster you will recover from the previous workout, the faster you will burn to give a new load your muscles.

If you before you rested between workouts one muscle group a few days, even a week, after regular intake of creatine for rest will be enough for 1-2 days.

Supplements for fitness training

Supplementation with creatine can significantly increase your sports achievements. Tried millions of athletes. This is the reason of its popularity in the world for 20 years.