Want to lose weight? Don't know where to start and how to do that?

Want to lose weight? Don't know where to start and how to do that?

Such questions are of interest not only girls, but also men. To solve we start them Monday or tomorrow. Why is it so? Important answers - no motivation, burn out quickly, and there are fears. Where to begin. First, all think that now is not the time, but closer to the summer for a couple of months will have time to reset or superset. As it is not so, for 1-2 months. Start now! Secondly, the fear that in the hall all have a sports figure, and you'll be like a white crow among athletes. Do not worry in the hall all were once beginners. Thirdly, the fear of the gym, not knowing which side to approach? Don't worry, each room have a coach. For new customers is provided induction training.

Discussing these issues away from sports. Now that I've dispelled your fear. Plan of motivation. To begin, select - goal. This can be a photo of a girl with a sports figure that you like, or fot a guy who want to be better (for girls). Every time I look at the photo and you make a wild desire to change. Always keep her with you.

Don't know where to start and how to do that?

To practice take a notebook, on the back write down your data: weight, bust, waist and hips. Every three week, take measurements, and compare them. We conclude, if standing still, then change your program or diet. In any case, you will see the result, it is not from others, and on recordings that are recorded, in that moment you begin to believe in yourself! Records will long stimulate. To become a thought to stop, just look where we started and passed. Immediately acquire a new strength and desire to change.

The best result of my training. When I got the girl with a weight of 160 kg, it is not one coach of nearby fitness did not take, due to the large weight was disturbed coordination of movement and mess with it like not going. I agreed to train her, but on condition that we stick to a certain plan. Of course I had to work hard, the difficulties started when the weight got up to 120 lbs. She wanted to stop, and then helped write at the end of the book, when she saw that so many passed, she started with a great desire to train. It was her first big win. After a year of training, her weight was 82 kg. No operation, all caught up, only diet and proper exercise program. I hope my article will help you to change and become better! If any questions please write, I'll be glad to help you. Good luck in your victories!

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