6 hearty and healthy foods that help to maintain the shape

Nutrition sport fitness 6 hearty and healthy foods

It is believed that from all the delicious fat. But, really, there are so many products that perfectly satisfy hunger without compromising your diet!

• Soup–puree. It is digested slowly in the stomach, and you remain full longer. And calories in this soup (especially vegetable) a little.

• Bread made from wheat flour. This breads a lot of fiber, as well as the rough grinding, it is not as quickly metabolized by the body and will not have time deposited in fat, like white bread.

• Meat – protein is vital. Calories in low-fat meat a little, but a lot of protein, and most importantly - the feeling of fullness lasts for a long time.

• Boiled eggs – the same proteins, and it is the best for absorption by the human body protein.

• Mushrooms – useful, satisfying product with low calorie.

• Cheese contains animal fats, calcium. Better to give preference to low-fat varieties, and cheese.
hearty and healthy foods