8 myths about strength training

myths about strength training.

1. To lose weight – not eating after workouts.

Our body is a well-established self-regulatory mechanism. After spending energy he strive for its completion. And yet he strives to survive at any cost. 1 session in the gym the average Amateur spends about 300 – 500 calories. So, if you don't eat after workouts, the body will take it as an alarm, and on every possible occasion will gain even more fat (for a rainy day). The more often you are hungry, the more your body will strive to store fat.

2. To remove belly fat – will download only press.

The process of getting rid of adipose tissue is based ZrO2-x conditions. High constant exercise and small systematic (10% - 15%) malnutrition. So, training the muscles and fat are 2 different processes. The body "the drum" which muscles you shake. If you create the conditions to burn fat, it will leave evenly throughout the body. If not – then even 20 approaches at a press every day will not help you. The body will never remove fat in only one place!

3. Want to pump hands, so the legs to do.

Our body is a unified whole. To increase the amount of biceps 1 cm it is necessary to add 3 to 4 pounds of muscle just. And build muscle mass mainly due to the big muscles are on the legs, buttocks and back. Want big arms – swing foot!

4. Until the child has grown - it is impossible to raise the bar.

Many believe that training with burdenings, in particular wall and thrust squats (where the weight of the projectile presses on the back) hinder bone growth in children. So, training with weights stimulate the production of growth hormone (GH). And he, in turn, stimulates the growth of bones in length (children and adolescents). In addition, let us assume that rod really puts pressure on your back and not give it to grow. Ambitious person spends in the gym about 6 hours a week. Of these 6 hours, the barbell on his shoulders to rest in the maximum amount of 30 minutes. It is 1/336 from the whole week or 0.33%. Want to grow up – squat!

5. If I'm going to train arms, then they become huge and ugly.

Women are very afraid of this. There are 2 nuance. If you are a woman and you do not use anabolic steroids, then your hands will never be huge. Whatever you rocked. It takes at least a huge amount of testosterone that your body presents to a much lesser extent than men.

6. At the same time want to build muscle and remove fat.

Increase (pumping) of the muscles in the amount of anabolic process associated with the construction of the body (when simple substances are synthesized by complex). Lipolysis is a catabolic process – associated with the destruction of the body (complex substances to more simple collapse). These 2 process are opposite to each other. The body to be either in the anabolic phase builds your body, or catabolic. Therefore, one excludes the other.Exceptions are possible (and even then not always) only on the background of the use of anabolic steroids.

7. Training with "iron" to lose weight is not possible.

If you mean pure strength training, then Yes. But with barbells and dumbbells can not only train strength and aerobics. The hardware is only a tool, and how you can use that will determine the end result. Less weight, more intensity and the number of times. Power aerobics is very effective in getting rid of excess weight.

8. Simulators for girls, and rod for men.

Anatomy of men and women differs slightly. In the gym there is no "male" and "female" exercises. As there is no "male" and "female" shells. And exercise and the shells are just tools to improve your body. Rod doesn't make the girls pumped the gorilla just because she took her hands and not sat behind the simulator. Remember, the same exercise or the same projectile can serve completely different purposes.