Features women's training

Features women's training

1. Women need less carbs

At the same intensity women burn more fat and less carbs/protein than men. The difference in both the nervous and hormonal system (including estrogen levels). And yet the women have a higher percentage of body fat, including intramuscular, so the body uses the energy that is available.

Fewer calories comes from carbohydrates and more from fat, which is healthier for the heart and for the better good hormones. Estrogen is also anabolico. A low-fat diet even reduce the chest (not in terms of total weight loss, but due to the fall of sex hormones)

Women suffer less from low-carb-high-fat diets. Metabolism better than men, and the distribution of fat more healthy.

The relationship between fat intake and breast cancer was found weak in study, where women had overweight, didn't move enough and ate junk. If you maintain a healthy weight, don't smoke, don't drink, do sports and eat healthily then you have nothing to fear.

When women eat more fat, they burn more calories in training, more tight lie and more slender. In short, high carbohydrate diets, with almost no fat, many women harm.

2. Women need more reps

Women have more muscle fibers type I, and for strength training II is converted to type I. Therefore, when the same power women are tired less, than men.

If you want to bulk up, do more repetitions.

3. Women to manage greater volume

Help fiber type I, but this is not the only advantage - more estrogen. He anticatabolic, repairing muscle and prevents protein breakdown. So women can do more to train and not to pretenious.

Women get more effect from 3 approaches (compared to one) than men.

It's a slightly different topic, but also an increase in amplitude in exercises gives more power to women, but not men.

4. Women should not get involved explosive exercises

Women should not get involved explosive exercises

Although women are stronger, men have higher rate of rise of force. Differences in the nervous system and in the area of the brain responsible for movement. Therefore, the results in weightlifting and powerlifting is higher in men, but for serious training, women are catching up. And they are better in eccentric and isometric exercises.

Strength training is needed, just explosive load it is necessary to dose.

5. For women low-intensity cardio is better than HIIT

(pair (tens, hundreds, thousands) of besovic now all curse - translator's note)

Since loads of high intensity women need to decrease effectively relaxed cardio.

6. Women should raise slower

Women can do more reps, if you raise the bar slowly and under control. A quick exercise with limitation of time is counterproductive.

7. Women seem to tolerate metabolic stress

With the same force women to tolerate the metabolic load better than men. They have lower blood pressure during exercise, so more blood and oxygen delivered to the muscles. Less lactate, less burning, allowing you to do more. This advantage disappears when the blood flow is restricted, so don't get carried away with parimanema.

8. Women don't need large rest intervals

With the same training volume women recover faster between sets.

9. Women can train more often

And between workouts. Nutrients are better delivered to the muscles, so that muscle dissolved less and recover faster.


Most women intuitively understand that they need to train differently, but society is constantly pushing, forcing to do the same as men. Listen to the body, it has passed the evolution. Do what you do. Use your benefits.