A list of products that minimize a set of body fat and promote weight.


Breast of chicken (preferably without skin)
Fish (cod, sea bass, halibut, Tuna)
Egg whites or eggs
Tenderloin beef
Complex carbohydrates:
Oat bran cereal
Brown rice

Fibrous Carbohydrates:

Nutrition sport fitnessAsparagus
Brussels sprouts
Other products and fruits:
Green or red pepper
Fruit :

Healthy fats:

almond oil
peanut butter
safflower oil
Olive oil
Nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts)
mackerel, salmon, bluefin tuna, Menhaden, anchovy, herring, lake trout, sardines, tuna
Vegetable oil (sunflower, sunflower, corn, soybean, and cottonseed), and poultry fat .
Dairy and eggs:
Skim milk
Low-fat cottage cheese

2. Supplements

Here is a list of supplements that will help in muscle mass in all modes.

Supplements for fitness training

Whey protein (concentrate or isolate):
Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. It's just not like that. Protein convenient you use , and will help you to get desired amount of protein. Recall that for muscle growth you need at least 2G of protein per 1kg of your weight.

The protein can be used before workout, after workout, as a Supplement between meals. Whey protein has rapid absorption and therefore effective in a reception after the training or before it.

Casein protein:

Casein protein is best suited for taking before bedtime, because the disintegration of the casein takes about 6-8 hours. Taking before bed casein, you will provide your muscles with protein all night.


Creatine will not only help you to recover after a workout, but will also help you to quickly gain muscle mass. Creatine is one of the safest and most effective supplements in the bodybuilding and other strength sports.

Amino acids:

Amino acids needed for protein utilization. And, as you know, protein will not be without result. Yes, protein has Amino acids, but they are there in very small doses and it is therefore desirable to Supplement the amino acids.

3. Basic exercises

Basic exercises it is a stimulant of muscle growth.
Scientists have shown that doing exercises the body produces growth hormone which stimulates growth of the mass.
Briefly, the basic exercises the exercises on the muscle group or several muscles(those exercises that involve multiple muscles).In basic training, where possible, removed local exercises on 1 muscle.
The basic exercises are :Squats, dead lifts, bench press, horizontal bar and parallel bars

4. The rest

In masonboro mode you need as best as possible to relax, especially in the gym, everything should be in moderation, let your muscles relax.
You must sleep well at least 8 hours, keep clear sleep mode, lie down and get up at the same time.

5. Eat well after a workout

A common mistake that beginners to exercise and eat well after control crashes and nutrition deteriorates. Because all beginners think that nutrition is important before and after exercise you can relax. So eat well after a workout is just as important as before. Imagine your body which you fueled before your workout is the fuel consumed for the growth of muscles and after exercise it begins and ends catabolism (your newly formed muscle fibers begin to devour your old work and then the accumulated muscle) and your theoretically possible muscle mass growth is deteriorating.

6. Keep cardio workouts to a minimum.

Of course to completely remove cardio exercise equipment is not necessary, just reduce their duration and intensity but would not burn a lot of calories.

7. Increase the amount of calories

In order to gain weight (muscle) you have to increase calories. This does not mean that you should eat hot dogs and other harmful things. Of course you would have to do it but I do not recommend if you don't want to gain much fat.
The most convenient way is to start a diary and calculate how many you eat per day calories and increase that number by 300-500 calories per day and at the end of the week to see how much you have gained weight.
Remember that 3500 calories is a pound weight. So theoretically, if you increase calorie consumption by 500 every day for 1 week at the end of the cycle you should get about a pound of weight gain. But these 500 calories you have to get with you useful products, not just eat a Snickers bar.

8.Drink plenty of water

Be sure to drink lots of water water is involved in all biological processes in the body. Also, if you sweat in gym you need to replenish the water more often than the common man. Water supports your metabolism because water is the oxygen. And 1 fact from an overdose of water who had not yet died.

9. Workout

body motivational

To gain muscle mass you must work hard in the gym to make your muscles grow, you'll need to follow a few principles:

  1. To lift heavy weights.
  2. High intensity workout.
  3. Duration of workout should not exceed 1 hour.
  4. The basis of training -basic exercises.

Yes, it's certainly not an axiom in bodybuilding but in General there is no single correct answer that is suitable to someone does not necessarily suit you. You should be able to feel your body, if you stalled and muscle mass is not growing, then revise your program and nutrition, try to change something or just leave it for 2-3 weeks let the body rest from training. I will tell you honestly that not even the mind can play a key role here, she may just be mentally tired from the daily stress and to block the growth of muscle mass.