I decided to write this article for ordinary girls, forever dissatisfied with their figure, who only make their first steps in the gym or, conversely, bypass the gym side, visiting for the past few years of group lessons in the fitness club. To you, my dear, wishing something to reduce, and to increase something, and something to "tighten", I appeal. I have long ago matured a sincere desire to help you. Why, you ask, and why do I need it? Probably just the birth of a child, I ceased to divide the world into themselves and the competitors, and began, rather, with maternal warmth refers to the young girls and their problems. So, on the way to the figure of your dreams, we will prevent confusion, which, excuse me for being blunt, just "eyeballs" your heads are clogged. Therefore, to begin with, I'd try to dispel them and for you to make at least some clarity to the question "to go or not to go to the gym".

Misconception # 1:

If "swing" with dumbbells and a barbell as men, and she will become masculine, and it will happen very quickly, in about 2 weeks. Wake up one morning after another workout - and just in the mirror do not recognize myself! Just terminator some! As actually: I Hasten to disappoint you – even if you literally live in the gym, through the years (read, decades) of training, you will possess simply female, good, athletic figure, which of course will "read" under the clothes, but the MEN's size you will NEVER reach, at least eat a ton of sportpit (proteins, amino acids and other sports nutrition supplements). Is this possible over the years, but only with regular use of hormonal drugs.

Why should I believe you? And here's why:

Why should I believe you? And here's why

1) For muscle growth in our body respond to male hormones, androgens. Their levels in the female body in dozens (!) times lower than in the male. Therefore, the impact of training in terms of muscle growth is much lower in women than any, even the most unsporting and frail men. Of course, exercises with additional weights ( namely, the exercises and practice in "the gym") and increase in the female body the production of male hormones and growth hormone, resulting in muscle and increase in volume and weight. But this process is very slow, and therefore completely controlled by you, and at any moment you can stop (or can't, because you'll get used to it, like me).

2) Remember: in ordinary life, outside the gym, you probably met Butch girls and women who either never played sports, or worked, but not bodybuilding. They have from nature increased level of male sex hormones. And as these hormones are responsible in our body for muscle strength, being stronger than their contemporaries, they pass the selection process of schools and then successfully implements themselves in different sports. Understand - they don't turn out FROM the SPORT, they are FROM BIRTH! You ever seen judoists? I remember when I was still doing JIU-jitsu, we came to the sparring partner at a view to the judo coach. Just by LOOKING at us, but not even LOOKING, he told us "no". To our surprised "Why?" he replied: "You are normal girls, and my you'll just break". As I now understand he meant that we normally feminine, fine-boned girls, no male sexual characteristics.

Therefore, my dear reader, if you fear that "rocking" the volume of your biceps will be bigger than Schwarzenegger, then nothing to fear – this will never happen.

Misconception No. 2:

When my body appears muscles, my boyfriend won't love me anymore! As in fact: From personal experience and the experience of their friends, I can confidently say that even non-sporting men like beautiful athletic female figure. No wonder that women in the paintings in the style of "fantasy" is very similar to the girls in the body fitness, although I paint these paintings is not art-bodybuilders. Of course, if to your classes, you can easily "perishible snot" of a young man, and he, and so not being very confident in yourself, your transformation even more thecomplexity, it is possible that your fears will come true. What can you say to that? Or he (i.e. your husband or young man) with you, or he is against you! In practice, this means that he is aware of (of course, not without your influence) that the biggest muscle on his body is his beer belly, and, at least out of solidarity with you, he will train himself and will sit, finally on some kind of diet, or ... you will simply be disappointed and will no longer be perceived as a man – well, lying there on the couch, some extra cushion, kind of, not much bother, okay!

Of course the first option better than any words speaks about the mutual love and affection. And to train together much more fun and the diet is easier to keep! For example, at night you open the fridge hoping to eat something delicious until your mate is asleep intermittent sleep hungry, - "but no!" In the refrigerator, not on the 10 packs of eggs, and 5 kg of nonfat cottage cheese, nothing! And swallowed 5 tablets of amino acids, once again you go to bed, dreaming in my sleep to eat pounds of ice cream and wash it down with a liter of condensed milk. Of course, I'm exaggerating, but trust me: when there really isn't anything that you can not stick much easier than if your sweetheart in front of you every evening will eat forbidden foods, and you, opening the cupboard to get a pack of rice, each time you will come across oatmeal cookies, cheese cakes or chocolates.


Weak person! Many times I was convinced on own skin that dieters are subject to the same rules as for former addicts:

  1. Not to contact directly with the forbidden
  2. Not to interact with people who come into contact with forbidden (in our case - not to contact people WHEN they are in contact with the forbidden
  3. Not to visit places where people are in contact with the forbidden.
  4. You will tell me: "what kind of life is that! In cafes-restaurants - do not go, parties and birthdays – not attend, and still get round people, eating sweets!" Don't be afraid, it will not last forever! It is necessary that your still immature, the motivation to "look cool" on the beach" or "in that dress I want to wear to the party, gained strength. After all, if you are competing, the athlete (and they constantly keep in mind the day X, when you're standing on stage surrounded by rivals), and yet not a fitness model, "tied" hand and foot advertising contract with 6 zeros, you can very easily "rip and carry", i.e., to put it bluntly, in any contact with forbidden diet foods you can eat to their full satisfaction, and it (satisfaction) occurs when breathing is difficult, and food is literally "right there". It is very important in the diet to prevent the emergence of pity to itself, i.e. must by all means keep a positive attitude. Why? Yes, because depressed mood and depression slow down the metabolism and rebuild it in the direction of accumulation of fat, good mood, happiness and love that despite everything we can still experience the "drying", on the contrary, promote fat burning.

You can use the following methods:

You can use the following methods

  1. At work and At home hang pictures of your opponents or sports models that inspire you, and looking at them, remember that before you get on these photos, they too, like you are now, sat 3 to 4 months on the diet, and even, perhaps, they sit on this diet year-round because associated advertising contracts with firms-manufacturers of sportpit, and "to fret" do not have the right. So they are, by far, even harder than you.
  2. Think of the ballerinas: until you retire in 35 years, they have Breakfast 1 boiled egg, eat 2 walnuts and cabbage, dinner a Cup of yogurt and an Apple (this is a real daily menu of one of my friend)! Therefore, my dear, your fitness diet, when protein food you can eat, almost, fill, it is still very gentle option. So remember about ballerinas and sincerely regret them, unhappy, and not myself!
  3. Get like-minded people and try to support each other. If your girlfriend does not share your aspirations to perfection, though it would not hurt to go to a fitness food, then simply do not communicate with her. It's not hard, it's okay, because friends – and friends that share your aspirations, thoughts, feelings, or at least, they are treated respectfully, and if they laugh, don't share, then you have a choice: or to keep the friendship, but always be kind and fat girl, or finally become "candy" and find a new girlfriend. You choose! I knew a lot of examples of such PseudoTUBE when people hold together not positive, but, on the contrary, some negative. For example, you were both abandoned by young people, was left alone and we agreed on the theme "All men are bad people!". Such "friendship" usually falls apart when one of you finds a mate. As another example, here is a "friend" of her husband, who for years 2 periodically came to visit us (he was "on the path" - from his garage to his house) with a couple bottles of some strong drink, which he drank alone. But after I directly told him that to see him I'm always happy, but only without the "Alcobaca", his "love" for our family and "friendship" with her husband came to naught. And there is nothing to regret about such friends, you need positive people who will "charge" you with optimism and faith in your success.
  4. Sometimes give yourself relief in the diet or eat anything favorite, but this should be no more than once a week. In the case of indulgences in the diet, it is better not to compromise, and that's what I mean: if you really love, for example, milk chocolate, and you unbearably want it, but you hold the last effort, but I feel that these forces are on the wane, and you're about to break on anything forbidden, then I recommend you the following. Buy a small (20 g) of your favorite chocolate (but if he only sold 100-gram tiles, buy 100 g and immediately share with employees, friends, etc. that you have in availability was only 20 g) and eat it WITHOUT ANY REMORSE, but early in the morning or after a workout. It is very important to eat even a small piece, but the favorite food than large, but unloved. Experience shows that lovers of milk chocolate, just "not let go" the use of black, and, most likely, in this case, you will after some time will eat the same favorite milk. If you want ice cream, eat exactly what you want - most tasty in the world ice cream (15% fat due to the butter), which is produced only in Russia, and not any imported or low-fat milk, which is made on the basis of palm oil. I can tell you with knowledge of the matter, because of the composition and technology of food production is my specialty.