How to remove fat from the lower abdomen

How to remove fat from the lower abdomen

Remove fat from the lower abdomen want very many girls. However, a small layer in this part of the figure is quite natural for the female body. And even a small "tummy" may be due to weakness of the abdominal muscles. Often advised to raise the legs in the supine position and do "Bicycle" to get rid of it.

However, for best effect you need to use complex motions that would spend a lot of energy. The only way you will be able to rebuild the metabolism for fat loss, and reduce your problem area. Of course, you need to include forceful movements, and diet. So, let's get to work.

Remove fat from the lower abdomen: for beginners

Training will take approximately 10-20 minutes to perform a set of exercises you need every day. For a start, do 20 slopes of the body forward until parallel with the floor of the back. Hands can dangle along the body or fixed on the sides. Then do 20 laps of the hips, retracting during movement of the abdomen. Then follow a series of 10-90 jumps on two feet, imitating the motion of jumping rope. This is followed by alternating 10 jumps on both legs and a repeat the following exercises.

Exercise 1. Vertical scissors

Lie on the floor put the palm of your hand under your buttocks, lower back press to the floor. Lift both legs up at a 90 degree angle, then slowly lower the right leg down, leaving the left in its original position. Bring right leg up, do the same with your left leg, do 20 repetitions of exercises. Immediately stand up on your feet and perform a series of 10 jumps on two legs.

Exercise 2. "Climbers"

Take the emphasis for push-UPS – hands under shoulders, feet on tiptoes. Lift right foot off floor and bend the knee. Quickly pull your knee toward your chest and return to starting position. Do the same movement with the left leg. Try not to bend at the waist down and will not reach the buttocks up. Repeat this movement 20 times and move on to the spotter.

Exercise 3. Fold

Sit on the floor, the hands rest on the floor behind the back. Quickly bring your knees to your chest, twisting force of the abdominal muscles. Movement occurs at the same time, the corps is committed to the feet, and knees to chest. Returning to the starting position, the legs should straighten, but to put them on the floor is not necessary. Repeat the movement 20 times, stand on your feet and do the jumps.

Exercise 4. Leg raises from a seated position

Sit on a chair with a firm seat, carefully straighten up, pull your abdominals, hands grabbed the edge of the seat, legs bent at the knees, bring to chest. Do not tilt the case, work only with the abdominal muscles. Do 20 lifts, and complete the cycle jumps.

If you are a beginner, you can Supplement this complex of exercises for other muscle groups or aerobic movements – running, jumping, exercises on the exercise bike or the elliptical trainer. Also, try to avoid simple carbohydrates and saturated fats in the diet and not to overeat.