Miss Supercross and fitness champion. Dianna Dahlgren

Miss Supercross and fitness champion. Diana Dahlgren

Dianna Dahlgren is not an athlete in "pure form". Although Yu a young age in her native California she was engaged in sports gymnastics. But to change the sport came early another business model. When Diane was 13 years old, in one of the malls she was approached by the representative modeling Agency and invited for a photo shoot.

To 18 Dahlgren managed to build quite a successful career as a model, and at 19 decided to take part in one of the competitions fitness models. It was already a competition that is close to professional sport. After several months of special diet and hard training regime the girl took the 1st place. The victory allowed her to enter into a contract with Flex magazine. November 2009 was marked for Diana Dahlgren, the fact that she managed to get the card from a professional athlete IFBB (international Federation of bodybuilding) and fitness.

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Fitness Model Dianna Dahlgren

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Model Dianna Dahlgren

Fitness Dianna Dahlgren

Dianna Dahlgren

Miss Supercross Diana Dahlgren

From 2011 to this day, Diane is the face motocross Supercross series, she traveled almost the entire country. The current season of the FIM World Championship 2015 was launched on 3 January in Anaheim and will end in Vegas on may 2. During this period Diana in your status miss Supercross will entertain fans and even comment on the race of the championship.