Rules for an effective cardio workout

Rules for an effective cardio workout

When there is nothing to do – do cardio! Moreover, any movement is much better than lying or sitting. Cardio workout – this does not necessarily trainers or group fitness program. Cardio is any active and continuous movement with constant or variable intensity, which increases body temperature and pulse.

Training on the simulator, training with the weight of his own body, active game or an intense walk – all this cardio, but that doesn't mean that cardio has no rules. There! And these rules are effective cardio workouts help to get the most out of each activity.

How not to do cardio:

For a long time. More is not always better in the case of intense cardio. The higher the exercise intensity, the shorter it should be. For example, 10 laps from the swings and squats with the dumbbell bench press will take a maximum of 20 minutes, while playing badminton or walk as much as possible.

With the hope of weight loss. Cardio is not the only way to burn fat. Not the only and certainly not the most effective. Sense from cardio will be zero when disordered nutrition. Nutrition is the key to weight loss.

Forgetting about strength training. Strength training is much more effective than cardio, because cause the desired metabolic effect, forcing the body to spend more calories during the day and night. Strength training is completely different than cardio, affect hormonal balance that allows you not only burn more fat, but also improve health.

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How to do cardio:

Regardless of mood. If strength training stimulate the production of testosterone and growth hormone, cardio promotes the production of endorphins, so a walk in the fresh air, running, dancing, swimming and other types of activity considered a good tool of dealing with stress.

Using the intervals. They increase the intensity of your workout, make it more energy intensive, and thus maximize fat burning while preserving muscle tissue. In Jogging you can alternate intervals of high intensity (sprinting) with periods of active rest (running in quiet mode) and self-training more energy-intensive exercise, like jumping from a squat or some burpees, and less energy-intensive, as a rock climber. Importantly, the duration of interval training did not exceed 40 minutes as it increases production of stress hormones.

Regularly. Cardio training, it is training, not play, walking and other vigorous activity should take a certain amount of time in a weekly cycle, for example, 200 minutes is considered a ceiling. Excess cardio is harmful to health, and irregular exercise will make headway.

A few days after the cessation of cardio, there are signs detrenirovannosti – faster fatigue sets in, reduced efficiency, disturbed breath. Therefore it is better to do cardio regularly and with pleasure than periods to exhaust yourself with aerobics.

In the regulation of the mode of aerobic exercise you can use the following principle: if I can train in this mode permanently, then OK, if you can not, then the amount of training should be reduced.

At least with a proper diet and the presence of strength training even skipping cardio is not reflected in the figure, as it happens, when a large number of classes randomly absorbed sweets.

With full appetite control. Aerobics increases appetite – that's a fact, so special attention should be paid to the control of hunger and appetite, stress hormones and recovery. Yes, cardio is a very active vacation, but it's better to pay attention to your health.

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And for a snack a few rules effective cardio:

• Enjoy the process – find the kind of activity that you like. For example, I love the intervals and badminton, but the dances bring boring to me, so I'd rather do 10 laps with some burpees and swings an hour and a half to play with the racket than going through the power to force your body to move to the beat of musical rhythms.

• Throw yourself a challenge every workout. Set a goal to do more reps or additional approach to run farther or ride a bike faster. And sure to achieve this goal.

• Prepare yourself for "bonus" in the form of new (additional) exercises, surprise your body a variety of load. The program is good, but the more often your body will encounter unexpected twists and turns with the cardio sessions, the better. By the way, this rule can be used for strength training.

• Always work on technique. It is more important than volume of training and speed exercises. Especially in intervals, especially at the end of training, when Seth is done with his last strength.

• Don't forget to warm up before cardio and hitch afterwards. Walk before run, before exercise weight loss for a run, stretch it out and repeat several simplified variants of those exercises are in your training. Don't forget about the joint exercises. As cool-downs gradually reduce the intensity until you recover the breath, and finish, as you know, the better comfortable and relaxing stretch.