Sample diet for girls

Sample diet for girls

Day 1
Breakfast: 2 eggs (one yolk, 2 protein), 100 g oatmeal, 1 tbsp. orange juice, 50 g low-fat cottage cheese.
Second Breakfast: fruit salad, nonfat yogurt.
Lunch: 100 g boiled chicken, 100 g rice, green salad.
Afternoon snack: Baked potato, low-fat yogurt.
Dinner: steamed fish 200 g, salad, Apple.

Day 2
Breakfast: 100 g muesli, a glass of skim milk, 2 eggs, a little fruit.
Second Breakfast: 1 glass of carrot juice, 50 g of cottage cheese.
Lunch: chicken salad (150-200 g of meat), 1 potato, Apple.
Afternoon snack: nonfat yogurt, fruit.
Dinner: 150g fish, 1 Cup of cooked beans, salad (you can lean salad dressing)

Day 3
Breakfast: 200 g strawberries, 100 g of oatmeal, scrambled eggs of 2 eggs.
Second Breakfast: banana, 100 g of cottage cheese.
Lunch: 200g fish, 100g rice, salad.
Afternoon snack: fruit, yogurt.
Dinner: 100 g. Turkey, 1 Cup corn, salad.

Day 4
Breakfast: 1 grapefruit, 100 g of oatmeal, 1 Cup milk.
Second Breakfast: banana, 100 g of cottage cheese.
Lunch: 150 g chicken, rice 50 g.
Snack: 1 Cup vegetable juice, bran.
Dinner: 120 g beef, Cup of corn.

Day 5
Breakfast: peach, 100 g of oatmeal, scrambled eggs, a glass of juice.
Second Breakfast: 1 glass of vegetable juice, 100 g of rice.
Lunch: 100 g Turkey, Apple.
Afternoon snack: salad, 100 g of cottage cheese.
Dinner: 100 g chicken, salad.

Day 6
Breakfast: scrambled eggs, 100 g of buckwheat, 1 glass of milk.
Second Breakfast: cottage cheese, banana.
Lunch: 200g fish, 100g rice, salad, orange juice.
Afternoon snack: baked potato, yogurt.
Dinner: 150 g shrimp, vegetable salad.

Day 7
Breakfast: Apple, omelet of 2 eggs, 100 g of buckwheat.
The second Breakfast: 100 g cottage cheese, peaches.
Lunch: 100 g beef, vegetable mix (corn, carrots, peas).
Afternoon snack: yogurt, 100 grams of rice.
Dinner: 150 g chicken, salad vegetables.
The fitness diet suggests 5 meals a day. When caloric content of about 1500-1600 calories a day, such a diet provides a safe weight loss. Approximate fitness diet is low in fat, more carbohydrates and protein. When dieting you need to drink up to 2 liters of fluid a day. If even on the scales your weight will increase, it's nothing, then you are losing fat and gaining muscle. To rely fully on the scale is not worth it. Most importantly, as you look in the mirror, and the changes can be judged by the clothes.

Try not to make too big breaks in the diet, they contribute to body fat!