A real Woman eats consciously.

This means that in every point she clearly sees that he is eating, how much and why. She knows that her power depends on her mood, appearance and health. A real Woman looks and feels good. This means that she is the mistress of his power and manages them. It does not make a cult out of food, but not discarding it. This is an important part of her life. She knows this first requires some effort on yourself, then becomes a habit, and then becomes a necessity. The body easily gets used to everything useful and healthy.

Easier than a dish, so it is useful.

A real Woman is guided by the principle of simplicity and utility. She knows that the perfect meal is one that consists of a single product. So she avoids complex, multi-component dishes that have passed the many stages of processing (complex salads, layered dishes, proteins and carbohydrates in one dish, etc.). She knows that eating all at the same time, it receives explosive mixture, leading to the accumulation of fatty deposits. The most useful dishes are very simple and does not require a lot of time. Therefore, the law of simplicity and benefit — the only benefit This Woman.

The only worthy reason for a meal is a healthy appetite.

No stress, no free time, nor boredom, nor the entreaties of the company, no way to escape are not the reason for me to eat. A real Woman is able to distinguish emotional hunger from the physical, a real appetite from a surrogate. She does not use food as therapy, a sticking trouble or distraction. She knows that there are many other worthy ways without damage to itself to deal with stress and anxiety. Not feeling the desire to eat, she is able to sit in a restaurant with a friend only for a glass of juice, even if a friend orders first, second and third.

A real Woman eats little and often.

It does not irritate and does not stretch the stomach large portions of food. She knows what the stomach easily gets used to the feeling of "stuffed full" and excessive fullness. In rare meals the body includes an ancient instinctive mechanism of survival: "If I have to starve, need to slow down the metabolism and to save energy in fat stores" fat cells remain accumulated and not use it as a source of energy, forming a kind of NZ. That is why most people have with this style of food of excess fat deposits.

A real Woman appreciates a middle ground of a balanced diet.

She avoids diets, eliminating or sharply reducing the proportion of carbohydrates or fats or proteins, no matter how effective these diets might appear to her friends or acquaintances. She knows that the body needs all three components: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. And sharp restrictions on any of them is unacceptable. One who ignores this principle, degrades their health and well-being. The failure of the principle violates the metabolic processes and leads to the see-saw effect when the temporary improvement occurs the deterioration of health and appearance. So a Real Woman eats whatever she likes and wants. Eats everything, just something a little more, and something a little less. She knows that for health and harmony must be reduced in the diet the proportion of animal fat, simple carbohydrates (sweets) and increase the share of proteins.

Nutrition sport fitness

When a Real Woman eats, she eats — and nothing more.

Before you start to eat and taste the food, she looks at her, absorbing her scent and energy. She's not "cheating" food, with books, TV, computer and all sorts of vain thoughts. When a Real Woman eats, he remains alone with the food, and everything else at this time is postponed. Eating is a ritual in which there is intimacy and total immersion in the process. There are only two good seasoning to food: a pleasant companion at the table and relaxing music.

Food does not tolerate haste and bustle.

A real Woman respects and values herself, so she doesn't eat like a hungry boa constrictor, swallowing food in large chunks. Even if she has some time, she finds the opportunity to eat in a comfortable pace for her. She eats slowly, thoughtfully. She knows that when eating slowly, as he ate quietly and well, she needs less food to be satisfied. Eaten better absorbed, less are converted into fat and safer satisfies hunger.

A real Woman gets up from the table with a sense of ease.

She doesn't have to eat what is on the plate, even if it's a meal in an expensive restaurant. Her stomach — more than all restaurants combined. She knows the feeling of satiety does not come immediately, but after 10-15 minutes after the stomach felt a slight saturation. Better to stop when you're almost fed up, than it is automatically, to the end, and then experience heaviness and fullness in the stomach, pangs of conscience and to sort things out with a mirror.

A real Woman drinks pure water a lot and often.

Drinking regime is an important component of proper nutrition. When a woman drinks rarely and in large quantities, is fond of tea and coffee, drink a lot during meals, it seems fluid enough, but in reality, the body loses moisture and dehydrated, the skin and tissues lose elasticity, the kidneys are working in the mode of overload, especially since tea and coffee are diuretics (diuretics). Tea, coffee and soda aren't water. A real Woman knows that it is very important to ensure a uniform flow of water throughout the day, not to get carried away drinking during the meal, and coffee and tea drink rarely, but with pleasure. She remembers that on the day it is advisable to drink at least 1.5—3 liters of fluid, and follows this.

A real Woman not eats before bed.

She knows that a good night's sleep, fresh appearance in the morning and being cheerful depend on when and what was eaten yesterday. Therefore, the last meal should be no later than two hours before bedtime, so as not to give the body a controversial task: whether to relax and prepare for sleep, whether to digest. To deprive yourself of dinner makes no sense, but to eat late, too bad. Best dinner early and light. But if you sleep, the woman lies late, dinner can be anytime, but most importantly two hours before bedtime.