The majority of customers of fitness clubs daily toil up a sweat on the stepper, bike or do Jogging in an attempt to get rid of excess fat.

But among these people almost no one who would be engaged in productive strength training — and that would deal with them effectively. Unfortunately, all these people are on the wrong path. They wear out their organisms and their own hands undermine its restorative powers — and the result of their efforts, however, remains more than modest.

Yes, the undeniable effectiveness of aerobic exercise as a means of strengthening the heart and lungs. But the use of ONLY aerobic exercise without strength TRAINING is not the best method of getting rid of excess fat.
Your body at any point in time either gains or maintains, or loses weight in direct proportion to the amount eaten and calories consumed correlates with the number of calories spent. For example a simple equation:

X= calories received — calories burned
If X > 0, then you gain weight (excess calories).
If X = 0, you support the weight at a constant level.
If X < 0, then you lose weight (caloric deficit).

So, this means that you need to count calories eaten and to take into account your daily calorie consumption. Very few people like these troubles, but first it will have to do, at least for a while — until you realize how much you should eat to achieve this or that effect. It is clear that this is tedious, but if you pay attention to this important issue, the endless failures on your way to a slim body you are guaranteed.

So, in order to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficit. However, it should be noted that proper weight loss is a losing weight by body FAT, not WEIGHT. A huge amount of misinformation, published in the "women's" magazines, where the only important figure is the weight of a person. Yes, Libra is a useful thing, but figures that they can tell you, by and large, meaningless if you don't use the measuring tape to make sure whether it you are losing fat or muscle. 80-pound male with 10% body fat looks much more impressive than the 80-pound male with 20% body fat, the same is true for women.

Unfortunately, the harsh laws of nature such that YOUR BODY WANTS to BURN FAT. During the lack of calories, your body will prefer to burn muscle than fat. So acts our inborn survival mechanism. The body needs about 100 calories a day just to keep a pound of muscle on the body. If your body will get rid of these muscles, it will mean that you now want for the life of fewer calories, i.e. food. In this case, your body will cling to stored fat to the last, giving into the furnace unnecessary muscle.

On the other hand, this "survival mechanism" programmed into us by nature, can work in our favor. The fact is that our body cannot grow, maintain muscle and use them as fuel at the same time. Build and support muscle mass — this is the reaction by which our body tries to survive when you rain on him training load when engaging in high-intensity style. This load is for the body the same stimulus that sends him the following message-an ultimatum: "Become stronger or I will kill you!". It is clear that the body will respond to this growth of new muscle tissue. However in the conditions of deficiency of calories to gain muscle mass is almost impossible, but it will give us what the body will try to maintain existing ones. It will just be a guarantee that when losing weight you will preserve muscle mass and get rid of fat.

Therefore, the key to a healthy slender body is to fulfill two main requirements:

  1. Create a SMALL caloric deficit leading to weight loss;
  2. Classes strength TRAINING for getting rid of this weight for the expense of fat.