TOP 3 mistakes female fitness

TOP 3 mistakes female fitness

1. Too much emphasis on aerobic exercise and neglect strength training

Most women do not understand the value of strength training. When we say "strength training", we don't mean performing 20-30 repetitions with 1.5-pound dumbbells! It is about lifting really heavy weights, such that you could only do 8-12 repetitions per set

2. Jumping training program

How does it look? Monday – Zumba, Tuesday – Cycling Wednesday – choreography, yoga on Thursday, Pilates on Friday, and ends with a training week on the power lesson on Saturday. The result is that women who love such a variety of group programs, in spite of all their efforts, not look better. And sometimes look worse!

3. Insufficient amount of protein in the diet

Studies show that 10% of women do not even get the minimum recommended amount of protein per day is 46 g. in Order to optimize body composition, you must double this figure. This was proved by a study conducted at the University of Illinois: women consuming double the RDA of protein, were able to rid of more body fat and improved body composition compared with those who consumed less protein. Aim to include a protein source (eggs, chicken, fish, lean meat, dairy products, etc.) in your every meal.