Useful tips for maintaining the health of the spine

Useful tips for maintaining the health of the spine

A healthy spine is the key to a healthy body, beautiful back, and most importantly, posture. How to maintain the health of your spine in constant motion and frantic pace? Before you 5 key tips for every day.

1. Every day do one simple exercise: stand against the wall and simultaneously try to touch her nape, shoulders, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels. In this position, try to stand at least a minute – you might think that the exercise is simple, but it's not. At this point, your body will be under such tension that you will want in less than 15 seconds to sit down somewhere.

Then, in exactly the same position in which you stood by the wall, get away from her – it would be the right posture that you need to walk every day. Several times a day correct your posture, let your muscles get used to this body position.

2. Do not place foot on the foot – this not only violates the blood circulation in the legs (under the knees are the major blood vessels), but also may cause diseases of the genital organs. It is impossible sharply to sit on a chair, it leads to the destruction of the intervertebral discs and pain in the spine. On a chair falls easily and gently, stretches the spine, head facing forward and up.

3. Change your posture every 10 minutes (in case you have to stand for long). Lean in turns on each leg to body weight was shifted on one leg to the other. Try to walk in place, stretch and take a deep breath – this way you reduce fatigue.

4. Lifting weights, lean your hand on the chair, so as not to overload the spine.
Wear it is better to divide into parts, to carry the weight in both hands. Lifting heavy, bend your legs at the hip and knee joint. The load gets closer to the body. The back should be straight.

5. Do not keep all in itself – if I want to cry, cry. Your problems and spin are closely related. When you have a bad mood, the tone changes of the blood, which leads to poor circulation and back pain.