What time of day to train better. You have to know!

tips for maintaining the health

The vital functions of the human body is inextricably linked with time is known to all. I hope that the data on the functioning of the human body during the day will help a lot of athletes, trainers in sports and life.


1.00. -Most people already located in the state of sleep for about 3hours. Sleep is not deep. At this time the body is very sensitive to pain.
2.00. -Most organs in the human body is the liver, rhythmically slow down their activities. The liver is rhythmically the same razrushat toxic substances.
3.00. -The entire body is resting. Heart rate and respiration decreases.
4.00. -Blood pressure at extremely low levels. Accordingly, insufficient supply of blood to the brain substance. Many sick in this dying hour. Human hearing is very sensitive.
5.00. -The kidneys stop urine. A dream on the verge of deep and superficial. If a person wakes up, he feels cheerful.
6.00. -Blood pressure begins to rise. The heartbeat quickens
7.00. -The immunity of the human body increases. If that's the time to try to infect him with the virus or pathogenic microbe, then the part of the body he will be provided with powerful resistance.
8.00. -Toxic substances in the liver is completely neutralized. If the reception is at this time alcohol the liver will experience an increased load.
9.00. -Mental condition is at the highest point. Sensitivity to pain decreases. The heart begins to work more energy but
10.00.-The man is full of enthusiasm and energy, is in better your physical(sports) sostoyaniyami mobile, the most workable.
11.00.-The heart works at the same pace. People can not be tired.
12.00.-At this time the person is in a state of higher activity, so for lunch it is recommended to go not earlier than in an hour.
13.00.-The liver rests, a portion of glycogen into the bloodstream. There is a slight feeling of fatigue, you must relax.
14.00.-This hour is the lowest point in the life of the organism during the day. The reaction slows down and weakens.
15.00.-The organs of the body become very sensitive, especially taste and smell. Gradually recovers.
16.00.-In the blood sugar increases, but it does not cause disease, since its contents quickly stabiliziruemost.
17.00.-Increases effectiveness of health. Endurance is increased approximately two times.
18.00.-Sensitivity to pain decreases. The nervous system slows down.
19.00.-Rises blood pressure. Neuro-psychic activity becomes unstable, there is irritability on any little thing, sometimes reaching up temper.
20.00.-Body weight reaches its maximum. The body's response becomes more acute. It is noticed that the transport drivers at this time make less accidents.
21.00.-The nervous system is normalized. Increases ability to memorize.
22.00.-In the blood, increasing the number of leukocytes(white blood cells). The body temperature is lowered.
23.00.-The body is preparing to rest, the cells recover their function.
24.00.-The last hour of the day. If you go to bed at 22 hours, the man sees the most pleasant dreams.