To lose weight is very difficult, but quite possible, especially if you know some tricks. Today we will share with you the ten basic rules of weight loss. Their strict observance will certainly help you to achieve the desired result.

1. The scientific approach

Many people try to lose weight using a variety of artisanal and conservative methods which have lost their relevance a few years ago. Take the time to read a large amount of educational material. By the way, we provide you full. You will spend a maximum of a week, but instead will be "grounded" in matter. Fat burning is a huge amount of theory you need to know.

2. Eat sensible carbohydrates

Of course, the main reason of obesity is the carbohydrates. Their excess causes the body to convert all the excess glucose into fat that is deposited not on the most pleasant places. However, to abandon the carbohydrates, as they carry energy value. Without this macronutrient needed difficult to perform both physical and mental work. What should I do? The output is pretty simple: start eating a large amount of slow carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. Their digestion is very long, resulting in a depot of glycogen never overflows, and as a result does not have surplus glucose that the body has become accustomed to turn to fat.

3. Eat fats

Dietary fats are used usually to produce the energy we expend at rest. It is logical to assume that the surplus will result in corresponding sediments. However, there is a form of fat that the body easily digests and uses in a huge number of different processes. These include the "gold" in omega-3 fats, which are represented by linseed oil and fish oil. They are high in calories and at the same time is not harmful. Their inclusion in the diet will significantly reduce the amount of other food.

4. Chicken eggs

We all know that a chicken egg contains a perfect amino acid composition, however, few people consume them in large quantities, arguing that they contain huge amount of cholesterol that negatively affects our blood vessels. However, do not be afraid of such a factor, because of cholesterol is synthesized in the main male hormone – testosterone, and he, in turn, is an active opponent of body fat. Believe me 6-8 eggs will not hurt you, provided that the diet focuses on vegetable fats.

5. Exotic fruit

Have you noticed that in regions where grapefruit grows very few people with excessive fat percentage? And it's not in the climate. The fact that a daily intake of 300 ml of grapefruit juice can significantly accelerate fat burning processes. That is why the extract of the fruit most often used in the manufacture of sports fat burners. The exact explanation for this phenomenon has not been found yet, maybe it's just placebo, but in war all means are good.

6. Children should drink milk

Milk though has some fat percentage, but still is a very useful product, especially in terms of weight loss. The main advantage is the presence of active calcium, the main task of which is the blockage of the hormone calcitrol is a major obstacle to the use of fat as "fuel". The same property has the cottage cheese.

7. More pepper

Burning black and red pepper contains a huge amount of capsacin, which in turn increases body temperature, i.e. it is outright natural termogenica (thermogenics). All this leads to a noticeable acceleration of the processes of fat burning at rest. Hot sauce Tabasco is a vivid example of the perfect seasoning for fat burning.

8. Choose wisely

If you decide to eat a beautiful juicy steak, then when buying meat, give preference only to the instance of the cattle that were reared solely on grass and not on the feed, the eating of which dramatically reduces the presence in meat of conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3 fats. In the end, beef, grown on the stern, it becomes hard and not very useful.

9. The benefit of tea

Green tea contains a huge number of connections epigallocatechine that actively accelerate the fat loss process. If to speak in essence, they simply block the enzymes that prevent us to lose weight. That is why most fat-burning complexes contain a decent dose green tea extracts. Black tea is made from the same leaves, but it has a completely different character. It perfectly blocks the cortisol, the destroyer of our muscles.

10. Don't be held hostage to advertising

No diet coke and other pseudo low-calorie drinks will not help you lose weight. Of course, they do not have sucrose, but because of what they have a sweet taste? All about sweeteners, which can cause type II diabetes, and even cancer. The worst thing that such sweetened calories cannot be accessed or used our muscles or brain cells, but the insulin spike occurs. The result is drunk diet coke instantly deposited on the sides. The question is: is it worth it?