5 alternatives to exhausting cardio

alternatives to exhausting cardio

We all like to look "dry" and relief. In fact, the idea that you need to perform cardio in order to get such a chiseled and muscular body, many instantly unsettling. As a result, we never get what we dream of.

1. Cut rest between sets

Yes, that's right! It is not worth cutting the rest between sets if Your main task is to become as much as possible. But when it comes to drying, it is natural and understandable is the fact that the power measures may in some way be affected. Reduce your rest to 60 seconds or less. If You are an experienced athlete, You are no grounds to relax more.

2. Jump rope

Jump rope – this is a Boxing know-how from the field of cardio. Boxers use the jump rope when they need to quickly get in shape and reduce your body fat percentage. Some trainers say that jumping rope improves posture, since it is impossible to jump crouching. This is one reason why running causes so many injuries – their cause a bad posture while running. So, if You're a coach and You need to improve someone's posture – use this method. Besides, 30 seconds of jumping and 30 seconds of rest after strength training alternately will force Your beneficiaries to lose the fat.

3. Run sprints uphill

Yes, it is. Although sprint is the form of running, most people hate running because it's just as fun as watching grass grow. You are probably wondering why you should run up? First, it is more difficult. Secondly, the force of gravity while running uphill will not allow You to accelerate, and therefore will prevent injuries, which usually occur at maximum speed. Believe me that after 20 minutes of the sprint You will be completely exhausted and satisfied.

4. Use this complex at the end of your training – it will serve You as cardio

Use weights that You can squeeze 10 times.
Pull to chin x 5
Taking the chest from hang x 5
Bench press standing x 5
Front squat x 5
Bench press standing x 5
Rest for 60 - 90 seconds.
To do 4 sets.

5. Enjoy playing sports

Do You remember the days when you were a kid? Then, because there were no computer games and Facebook, right? And what did You do? Probably kicking a football with friends, right? This is exactly what will help You now not only get in shape but to have fun. Just gather friends on the weekends and play football or volleyball.