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1. You will look gorgeous
2. You'll look wonderful
3. You will look just awesome!
4. You'll look great in your clothing
5. You will be proud of your reflection in the mirror
6. You will have strong press, waistline and cool, sorry, ass
7. You will have relief muscles
8. On the beach and in the pool you'll catch envious glances
9. You will always be sexy and attractive
10. For any age you will look younger

11. You will be able to control your body and adjust it to your needs
12. You will never become diabetic
13. You will forget about back pain
14. You will forget about the cold and the need to wrap up and insulate
15. You will forget about problems with blood pressure
16. Generally, you will be less sick or completely forget about diseases
17. You will be able to stay healthy at any age
18. You will live longer
19. You will always feel myself well
20. You will sleep well in the night

21. You can easily Wake up to an alarm clock in the morning to be awake
22. You will have a healthy heart
23. You will have strong lungs, you can breathe deeply and calmly
24. Your skin will always be smooth, healthy and elastic
25. You will increase your metabolism and regulate your hormones
26. Your body will be filled with energy
27. You normalize your weight. If it was excessive, then you will lose weight, if insufficient, shall recover
28. The risk of developing cancer is much lower than others
29. You will strengthen your immune system
30. You will forget about problems with sex

31. You will be able to perform any physical activity without fear of getting sick
32. You will become more confident
33. You will be proud of yourself
34. You will be less tired and fatigue after a workout will be very enjoyable
35. You will be able to more effectively combat depression and stress
36. You will constantly develop and move forward
37. You will always have a good mood
38. Your productivity will increase
39. You will stand out among the 95% of others that are active lifestyle does not lead
40. You will usher in new positive qualities and know that they can do better

41. Physical activity will help you become more efficient and think outside the box, creative
42. You will become stronger
43. You can quickly and easily run
44. You'll be able to easily do push-UPS and chin-UPS
45. You will be able to do any kind of sports, even extreme
46. You will be able to climb stairs and carry heavy bags without shortness of breath
47. You will get the most out of using your own body because it is created for movement
48. You will forget about the diet
49. You will eat at your leisure, while enjoying your favorite food
50. You will change your attitude to food and overeating will disappear from the list of your bad habits

51. You will learn and try many new healthy dishes
52. You can eat at any time without fear to get better
53. You will fill your body with only the most fuel efficient
54. You will create for yourself the future you deserve
55. You will become a role model among their friends and acquaintances
56. You will have new friends and interests
57. Your spouse will admire you even more
58. Hobbies related to your new lifestyle will bring a lot of joy and happiness
59. You will spend more time in the fresh air
60. You will no longer be lazy and will be active in all things

61. You get close to a state of harmony with yourself and others
62. Your future children will more likely grow up healthy and strong
63. You will be a great example for their children
64. You will have the chance to see not only their grandchildren but also great-grandchildren
65. You will spend more time with family and friends
66. You will become more successful and will earn a lot of money
67. You'll spend less money because to lead an active way of life is much cheaper than to pay doctors and buy medicines
68. All of your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle will be rewarded a thousandfold
69. And finally, you will never regret about your choice! And regret will only those workouts that miss!