"Female" squats: Training for girls

Female squats Training for girls

Use sit-UPS is huge, regardless of how this exercise is performed with weights or without. Squats are an important component in bodybuilding and powerlifting, choreography and physical therapy.
When performing sit-UPS in the works include almost all groups of leg muscles and muscles that hold the spine, begin to work intensively gluteal and calf muscles, quads, lower back muscles, hamstrings, partial load goes to the muscles of the lower abdomen (the press).

It should be noted that under female sit-UPS understand these squats, which allow efficient use of muscle structure, responsible for the development of the figure of the female type. Such structures are primarily the gluteal muscles, muscles of the back and inner thigh, as well as smaller muscle groups located in the pelvic region.
Thus, the distinctive features of the female sit-UPS is mixing loads during exercise to these muscles.

Starting position has different position of her feet -she can be much narrower, almost closed stop (while maintaining balance). A narrow statement of the stop is one of the factors increasing the amplitude of work the gluteal muscles and thus increase the training stress on her.

Another difference of this type of squats is a much smaller lowering speed to the lower point amplitude in comparison with the rise of it. Throughout the negative phase of the girl in the first place, to feel the stretching back of the thigh and buttocks.
In order to comply with the last condition, it is necessary during squats to get the pelvis as far back as possible, while maintaining balance by tilting the body forward. In addition, it is also important that the knees always remain directly above your heels (when an imaginary straight line through your knees perpendicular to the floor).

The second factor increasing the working amplitude of the gluteus Maximus is the observance of the so-called principle of deep squats in which the pelvis is lowered as low as possible to floor while maintaining the bend in the lower back (it should not be rounded).
This is followed ruinously lifting and intentionally recorded a reduction of the buttocks in the upper position when the body becomes straight. This additional reduction in the buttocks can significantly increase the time the muscles under load and speed up the effect of the conversion of the physique.

Also remind you that you must choose the right weight and training schedule.